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The Oregon Pre-engineering and Applied Sciences Initiative (OPAS) was a collaboration of industry, non-profit, and public educators and leaders working to help achieve the Engineering and Technology Industry Council's goal of increasing the number and diversity of Oregon students pursuing engineering and similar fields at colleges and universities. OPAS developed and implemented strategies that expanded formal and informal educational opportunities in pre-engineering, computer science, and other applied sciences for students in middle and high school. Despite the difficulties inherent in the intentionality, configuration, measurement, and management of investment in programs, from 2005 to 2014 OPAS influenced improved outcomes for selected students through their schools, teams, afterschool and summer programs. OPAS also influenced more effective policy and investment in Oregon STEM education, particularly K-12 public and afterschool venues.

A presentation summarizing the work, the stakeholders, lessons learned and moving forward is here. A detailed retrospective report is here.

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