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12/20/2009 Research ETIC, In-Class Lowell et al. / Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Steady as She Goes? Three Generations of Students through the Science and Engineering Pipeline, B.L. Lowell, H. Salzman, H. Bernstein, E. Henderson, November, 2009 -- 57 pg pdf, color graphs -- From the conclusion: "This analysis does strongly suggest that students are not leaving STEM pathways because of lack of preparation or ability. Instead, it does suggest that we turn our attention to factors other than educational preparation or student ability in this compositional shift to lower-performing students in the STEM pipeline."

From the Executive Summary: "The decline in the retention of the top achievers in the late 1990s is of concern. This may indicate that the top high school graduates are no longer interested in STEM, but it might also indicate that a future in a STEM job is not attractive for some reason. The decline in retention from college to first job might also be due to loss of interest in STEM careers, but alternatively top STEM majors may be responding to market forces and incentives.

"From this perspective, the problem may not be that there are too few STEM qualified college graduates, but rather that STEM firms are unable to attract them. Highly qualified students may be choosing a non-STEM job because it pays better, offers a more stable professional career, and/or perceived as less exposed to competition from low-wage economies."
keywords occupational outlook, workforce
Thanks to Tom Thompson
12/10/2009 Research In-Class, OST Sadler et al./ JLS Engineering Competitions in the Middle School Classroom: Key Elements in Developing Effective Design Challenges, P. M. Sadler, H. P. Coyle, M. Schwartz, Journal of the Learning Sciences, V9 #3, 2000  -- pdf -- Abstract: Engineering challenges that involve both the design and building of devices that satisfy constraints are increasingly employed in precollege science courses. We have experimented with exercises that are distinguished from those employed with elite students by reducing competition and increasing cooperation throug the use of tests against nature, large dynamic ranges in performance, initial prototype designs, and alternative methods of recording and presenting results. We find that formulating easily understood goals helps engage students in fascinatingly creative processes that expose the need for a scientific methodology. Such challenges engage male and female students equally, helping erase the gender disparity in familiarity with the technology and skills common to physical science. Thanks to Tom Thompson
08/10/2009 Research Steering Ohland et al./ Journal of Engineering Education "Persistence, Engagement and Migration in Engineering Programs" by Matthew W. Ohland (Purdue), Sheri D. Sheppard (Stanford) Gary Lictenstein (Stanford) Ozgur Eris (Olin) Debbie Chachra (Olin) Richard A. Layton (Rose Hulman), JEE July 2008. Records from the Multiple-INstitution Database for Investigating Engineering Longitudinal Development (MIDFIELD) and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) indicate engineering majors are like most college students with respect to persistence in major, persistence by gender/ethnicity, racial/ethnic distribution, and grade distribution. Biggest differences: dearth of female students and in-migration of majors. This paper won the Wickendon Award in 2008 -- 19 pg pdf. For an excellent research brief on this paper from the Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education (CAEE), University of Washington is click here. Upshot: Engineering's hot buttons should be recruitment more than retention. Thanks to Dick Knight, Tom Thompson, Ars Technica blog, ACTE briefs
07/22/2009 Data In-Class, Steering, ETIC CSTF Oshiro/ OPAS for Raven/ Saturday Academy Saturday Academy's Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering (ASE), 2009 - table of positions relating to Computer Science - pdf - a total of 31 apprentices are employed in 22 positions. These interns will reflect on and share their experiences at a symposium in late summer. For more information, see www.saturdayacademy.org.  
07/10/2009 Staff Papers Steering Succeed Oshiro & Collay/ OPAS Why TEams? Ryan Collay did an insightful rework of Jo's "Why sTEm?" presentation more precisely aimed at integrative and inclusive best practices in STEM education- 5 pg pdf - ppt keywords equity, pedagogy  
07/10/2009 Publications Prepare, Steering, Succeed Association for Career and Technical Education ACTE Issue Brief June 2009: CTE's Role in Science Technology Engineering Math - 8 pdg pdf - addresses increased rigor and hands-on, integrative nature of CTE pedagogy. Highlights PLTW and Math-in-CTE. Thanks to PLTW News Blast
07/08/2009 Publications Steering, Prepare ACM

New Images for Computing, a report of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) - 21 pg pdf - Report on Market Research. Highlights:

  • College-bound males have a positive image of computing, CS as a college major and career; African-American and Hispanic teens more so than white teens;
  • College-bound females are significantly less interested in computing, and less likely to associate it with "design", "electronics", "solving problems", "interesting" and "video games"
  • Three messages tested best:
    • Computing puts you in the driver's seat
    • Computing opens doors
    • Computing empowers you to do good.
  • The gender gap overwhelms any racial/ethnic gap.
  • Image does not appear to be the problem, so why aren't more college-bound African-American and Hispanic males choosing CS majors?
Thanks to Steffen Moller and Barbara Owens
06/24/2009 Publications Steering, Pathways, ETIC CSTF Kirkwood/ North Salem HS Don Kirkwood has a careers presentation on CS every year for his students; the 2009 version - ppt or pdf ; please credit author Don Kirkwood when quoting the information.  
06/24/2009 Publications Steering, Prepare, ETIC CSTF Cuny/ NSF Jan Cuny of National Science Foundation's Vision for Computer Science in 10,000 high school classrooms - Executive Summary - pdf - or a lengthier project Description - pdf  
06/08/2009 Web Steering, Prepare ODE

ODE's webpage with Primers and Program Briefs -- http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=534.

Jo's favorites, of course, are Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Talented and Gifted (TAG) students, but there's info here on how ODE is addressing Alternative Education, At-Risk Students, Applied Academics and much more ...

And speaking of CTE, ODE's webpage on CTE Special Partnerships and Initiatives -- http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=1626 -- including Math-in-CTE

06/04/2009 Publications Steering, Prepare Sneider Cary Sneider does it again! Here, "It's Not Rocket Science" explains the relationships between science, engineering, and technology in a great presentation to Louisiana science teachers; slides 1-14 and the last slide would make a great presentation to a more general group - 10 pg color pdf - keywords: standards, curricula, STEM. Contact Cary (via Jo if need be) for permission to use this material, or see the presentation he has already put into the public domain -- ppt or color pdf. Includes references and permission to reuse with appropriate citations, and is formatted generically. Thank you Cary!
06/01/2009 Working Papers Steering, Motivate, Prepare Scruggs/ SWWDC et al.

A consortia of Workforce organizations is the grantee for a "High Growth Job Trainining Initiative STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Grant" from the US Department of Labor. The grant runs from 2009 - 2011 and provides, among other things, 3 STEM Coaches for Northwest Oregon (Columbia, Washington, Multnomah, Yamhill, Marion and Polk counties) and Southwestern Washington (Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clark counties) and these resources:

  • Regional Resource Catalog: Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Initiative, A list of Active STEM Programs Serving Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington, April 2009. Prepared by Scruggs and Associates, LLC and Professionals on Demand - 69 pg pdf - program description and contact information
  • Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington Science Technology Engineering Math Resource Listings, a STEM Resource List for Career Exploration, Program and Classroom Activities and other related efforts, April 2009 - 8 pg pdf - annotated website listings.

Collaborating Organizations: SWWDC (Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council), WSI (WorkSystems, Inc), MTC (Management & Training Corporation), EEE (Enterprise for Employment and Education) and the US Department of Labor.

04/28/2009 Staff Papers Succeed, Motivate, Prepare Oshiro/ OPAS Trip Report on the Workshop "What Research Tells Us About Encouraging Girls in Math and Science" hosted by NWREL/ IES/ National Girls Collaborative Project/ Northwest Girls Collaborative Project/ Lewis and Clark College, April 22, 2009. - pdf - Keywords equity, practice. See entries for 4/20 and 21/2009.
04/21/2009 Staff Papers Succeed, Motivate, Prepare Davis-Lowe/ SMILE, OSU Encouraging Girls in Math, Science and Engineering - pdf - a summary of materials prepared for the OSU class WS340, Gender and Science by Eda Davis-Lowe. Barriers, Goals of Intervention, Interventions and Strategies for increasing the participation of females and minorities in STEM. Keywords equity, diversity, classroom Handout at NWREL workshop April 22, 2009: What Does Research Tell Us About How to Encourage Girls in Math and Science?
04/20/2009 Staff Papers Succeed, Motivate Oshiro/ OPAS Why sTEm? - pdf - a presentation for the NWREL Workshop "What Does Research Tell us about How to Encourage Girls in Math and Science?" April 22, 2009. Jo's definition and comparison of science, technology, engineering, math; connections to the IES Practice Guide "Encouraging Girls in Math and Science", Halpern et al. September, 2007 - pdf. Keywords equity, diversity, overview, definition  
04/20/2009 Publication Prepare, Succeed Various

TAPPS: Talking/Thinking Aloud Paired Problem Solving

  • Teaching Problem Solving, James E. Stice, UT Austin - pdf - from the Center for Teaching Effectiveness - web
  • The Effect of Think Aloud Pair Problem Solving (TAPPS) on the Troubleshooting Ability of Aviation Technician Students, Scott D. Johnson & Shih-Ping Chung, JITE, Vol 37 No. 1, 1999 - web
  • Teaching Guide for Graduate Student Instructors, Berkeley - web
  • Training for Collaborative Problem-Solving Skills and Group Dynamics, 2Learn2Learn for ORTOP, 2008 - 19 pg color pdf
04/09/2009 Publication Motivate, Steering Weiss et al.,/HFRP The Federal Role in Out-of-School Learning: After-School, Summer Learning, and Family Involvement as Critical Learning Supports, Weiss et al., February 2009, Harvard Family Research Project  -- access it here  -- Four decades of consistent research evidence demonstrate it is necessary to redefine learning—both where and when it takes place—and to follow up with innovations that enable communities to move to a complementary learning approach, if the country is to achieve its national goal of educating all children. Keywords OST, Free-choice  
04/09/2009 Publication Motivate Business Education Compact BEC's Final [Summary] Report: National Engineers Month 2009, Presented by the Business Education Compact, April 1, 2009 - 7 pg color pdf. Highlights: Governor's proclamation, 26,800 students in 975 classrooms of 450 educators served by 400 volunteers; ever-increasing geographic range; great selection of quotes by volunteers and educators. For more information, contact BEC (www.becpdx.org)
03/05/2009 Article Prepare Brower/ASEE "Linking High School Pre-engineering with University E and ET Programs", Timothy Brower, OIT, Session ETD 425 at American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) February 2009. Describes Oregon's model of addressing STEM pipeline issues by partnering with middle schools, high schools, community colleges using Project Lead the Way (PLTW) -- 10 pg pdf  
03/05/2009 Article Succeed Rothstein/ NSBA "Class and The Classroom", Richard Rothstein, National School Boards Association. This 2004 article does an excellent jobof detailing specific causes and behaviors related to socioeconomic status that underlay the achievement gap, including the need for out-of-school-time activities in narrowing that gap; in particular, the last couple of paragraphs on page 11 -- 13 pg pdf -- keywords equity, diversity, inclusivity, SES, OST  
02/27/2009 Web Steering, Succeed  

National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering -- http://www.nacme.org/home/

National Coalition of Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Advocacy Groups in Engineering and Science -- http://www.ncourages.org/

National Alliance for Partners in Equity (NAPE) -- http://www.napequity.org/

keywords underserved, diversity, inclusivity

01/30/2009 Article Steering Petroski/ Washington Post "Want to Engineer Real Change? Don't Ask A Scientist", by Henry Petroski, Washington Post, January 25, 2009 -- link -- best quotes: "Science seeks to understand the world as it is; only engineering can change it." and "But the truth is that full scientific understanding isn't always necessary for technological advancement." Henry Petroski is a Duke University Professor, civil engineer, historian, and failure analyst.  
01/30/2009 Publication Prepare ODE

Oregon Department of Education: "Guidelines, Scenarios, and Resources for Offering Credit in Applied Academics" -- 10 pg pdf. Updated October 28, 2008. Keywords CTE, graduation requirements, math, science

Thanks to Tom Thompson
01/22/2009 Research, Web Motivate, Retention Fletcher et al./ ASEE Fletcher, S., Newell, D., Newton, L., & Anderson-Rowland, M. (2001). The WISE Summer Bridge Program: Assessing student attrition, retention, and program effectiveness. Proceedings of the 2001 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition. 7 pg pdf keywords equity transition services support remediation engineering women university found on the Harvard Family Research Project Database
01/22/2009 Research, Web Motivate NASA, American Museum of Natural History NASA and Afterschool Programs: Connecting to the Future, American Museum of Natural HIstory, April, 2006 - weblink - has a summary and download of a 119 page pdf which includes a scan of the literature and promising practices when using after-school programs to better engage students with STEM content and processes. keywords equity, OST, evaluation, scan, best practices, workforce development, curriculum found on the Harvard Family Research Project Database
01/22/2009 Research Motivate Nelson, Post, Bickel Building Confidence and Aspirations in Low Income High School Students Through a Technology and Workforce Skills Development Program: Lessons Learned from the InfoLink Experience, 1994-2002. Catherine Ausumb Nelson, Jennifer Post, Bill Bickel, December 2002. 19 pg pdf . Keywords equity, youth, internship, OST, out of school time, co-curricular, low SES, Carnegie Mellon University, summer. Alludes to the need for infrastructure support, personal relationships, program champions within high schools. found on the Harvard Family Research Project Database
12/31/2008 Web Steering, Prepare, CSTF Ascribe "ACM Urges Obama to Include Computer Science as a Core Component of Science and Math Education; Statement Emphasizes Critical Role of Computer Science as 21st Century Skill" -- The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) endorses CS in high school -- link Thanks to Jay Bockelman
12/31/2008 Publications Steering, Prepare Milwaukee WI Business Journal "Science Techology Engineering Math - Pathway to Innovation" - 20 page color pdf insert to the October 21, 2008 Milwaukee Business Journal with multiple articles on STEM education and careers, centered on Milwaukee Wisconsin. Several schools/districts in the area use Project Lead The Way (PLTW). keywords CTE, PTE, Workforce, diversity Thanks to Judy D'Amico, PLTW
12/31/2008 Publications Steering, Prepare NASBE

"Learning to Work, Working to Learn: Transforming Career and Technical Education", 2008, National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) -- 37 pg pdf -- Recommendations:

  • Provide meaningful opportunities for all middle and high school students to engage in rigorous and relevant CTE
  • Engage industry and community leaders in meaningful partnerships
  • Adopt policies to integrate CTE and academic coursework, standards, and multiple assessments. Recognize students for career-focused learning.
  • Ensure seamless transitions for students from high school to post-secondary and beyond
  • Develop policies to address quality, recruitment and compensation for CTE instructors
  • Address the poor image of CTE with educators, parents, guidance counselors and the public.

keywords CTE, PTE, policymakers, business, workforce, reform

Thanks to Judy D'Amico, PLTW
12/29/2008 Publications Steering Sullivan/Journal of Engineering Education "A Call for K-16 Engineering Education" by Jacquelyn F. Sullivan, V36, No. 2, Summer 2006 - 9 pg pdf linked via www.teachengineering.org -- An excellent, readable and accessible summary of engineering education and workforce issues, with international comparative data and literature citations, calling for systemic change. "It is critical to our nation's health that we make bold, coherent K-16 engineering choices and bring engineering out of the shadows. ... Our challenge is to make the possible probable for our educational system and [the engineering] profession." keywords marketing, message, diversity, social relevance, STEM, demographic, data, service learning Thanks to Ken Williamson and Skip Rochefort at OSU. Excellent documentation of key data points.
12/29/2008 Working Papers Steering WPLLC Biographies for the 111th Congress' freshman, with particular attention to their stance on education -- 14 pg pdf Thanks to our friends at PLTW
11/12/2008 Working Papers Steering, Succeed, Motivate, Prepare WICHE The Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education (WICHE) http://www.wiche.edu/ has published data, used by the Oregon University System (OUS) to forecast demographics of High School Graduates through 2022 -- slight increase in overall numbers, absolute and proportional decline in white students, largest gains in the Hispanics -- 1 pg color pdf If you need the PowerPoint format, please contact Jo Oshiro.
10/28/2008 Working Papers Prepare, Steering Flick/ OSU

From Larry Flick, Chair of OSU’s Department of Math and Science Education: “These [current grant] projects relate to collegiate engineering instruction (NSF Collaborative), integration of mathematics and science in career technical education (MSP Algebra in Context), and professional development that relates the teaching of science through construction engineering (NSF/SELS).  The latter two address the delivery of science and mathematics with an emphasis on engineering-related contexts.  These two project also offer an avenue for offering a third year of science (and maybe mathematics) as required by the state.”

  • OSU/WSU NSF/IEEC1: In-Class Peer Tutoring: A Model for Engineering Instruction – Project Summary - 1 pg pdf
  • OSU/ School of IDEAS (Eugene) Oregon Title IIB MSP: Algebra in Context – Abstract - 2 pg pdf
  • OSU NSF: Science and Engineering in the Lives of Students (SELS) - 2 pg pdf
10/27/2008 Publications Prepare, Steering Gollup, Berthenthal, Labov, Curtis/National Academy Press

"Learning and Understanding, Improving Advanced Study of Mathematics and
Science in U.S. High Schools"
, Jerry P. Gollup, Meryl W. Bertenthal, Jay
B. Labov and Philip C. Curtis, Editors. National Academy Press, Washington D.C. 2002. keywords hands-on, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement

  • AP & IB Curricula may not have a large enough project-based component
Thanks to Bill Becker
10/17/2008 Working Papers Motivate NASA

A new NASA education project called INSPIRE is recruiting students interested in careers in science, math and technology to join an online community, where their interests can be nurtured and directed.  From this online community, students will be offered opportunities to take trips to NASA, have a resident experience at a technology university, or even a summer internship at a NASA center.  For more info, see the Promotions information (2 pg pdf) or the flyer (very colorful pdf) or

OPASsphere October 2008
10/17/2008 Working Papers Motivate, Succeed Ossowski/ PSU
    PSU’s STEM Mentor Project is an NSF funded experimental field-test of the impact of STEM mentoring on high school students with disabilities. Students are in grades 9 and 10, have expressed an interest in STEM careers and attend Portland Public Schools.  Mentors will either be working in or studying STEM fields (scientists, engineers, college students, etc).  Mentors and students do 2 activities a month for 6 months (March 2009 - August 2009).  Any costs incurred for mentors are paid as well as a $250 stipend of appreciation.  Right now, we are trying to recruit as many mentors as we can from STEM fields: college students, professionals, engineers, teachers, professors. Flyer - 1 pg color pdf
OPASsphere October
09/30/2008 Working Papers, Publications Succeed, ETIC CSTF Ericson/ Georgia Tech; Margolis/ MIT Email from the AP-Compsci listserv on recruiting girls and minorities to CS classes, the Georgia Tech experience - pdf - including a recommendation for Stuck in the Shallow End by Jane Margolis, MIT Press - link to Amazon. Availability of computers is not enough; classes must be more than keyboarding and applications or students get channeled away from careers in computers and technology. keywords equity, diversity, access, computer science, case study, high school Thanks to Don Kirkwood; Jo has ordered a copy of the book which will eventually be available for loanout; OPASsphere Sept 30, 2008
07/25/2008 Weblink Steering, ETIC CSTF Schwartz An interesting blog shows that the UK also has issues with getting students to study technical subjects – Got Schwartz? How gaming is changing the world is at http://theschwartz.wordpress.com/2008/06/18/schools-tech-curriculum-called-boring/ OPASsphere July 24, 2008
07/25/2008 Articles Prepare, Motivate, Steering, Succeed Teacher Magazine/EdWeek Gamers in the Library - making games that increase literacy http://www.teachermagazine.org/tm/articles/2008/07/20/08librarygames_ap.h19.html?tmp=746561864 keyword social relevance, computer science, CS OPASsphere July 24, 2008
07/25/2008 Weblink Succeed, Prepare, Motivate, Steering, ETIC CSTF Girlstart Project IT Girl in Austin, Texas -- http://www.girlstart.org/itgirl/index.html - their model appears to be an OST mentored cohort similar to MESA or SMILE, doing a multi-year series of projects and a culminating internship. keywords social relevance, gender equity, diversity, CS, computer science OPASsphere July 24, 2008
07/25/2008 Weblink Motivate, Succeed OSU

OSU Engineering Ambassador Ellen Porter on TekPets (robots with cuteness built in) -- http://eecs.oregonstate.edu/news/connectivity/2007Fall.pdf -- see page 10
An email recently crossed my inbox with an enthusiastic endorsement of this project by a middle school teacher. I was lucky enough to meet and talk with Ellen Porter during my tour of the OSU College of Engineering. She’s a great kid, definitely a teenager headed for twenty-something, fun to talk with – and really, really on the ball.
keywords gender equity, outreach, curriculum, kit, robot, computer science, CS

OPASsphere July 24, 2008
07/25/2008 Research Papers Prepare, Succeed, Motivate, Steering Stanford University Stanford University School of Education’s Open Access Policy -- http://ed.stanford.edu/suse/faculty/dspace.html -- Stanford University School of Education (SUSE) faculty unanimously committed on June 10, 2008 to making a copy of their peer-reviewed journal articles publicly and freely available through the SUSE Open Archive. This motion exemplifies the faculty’s commitment to sharing as widely as possible what we been able to learn about education from our research and scholarship. OPASsphere July 24, 2008
07/14/2008 Web Steering, Succeed IEEE Nerd Girls - Ambitious, stylish, confident and self-possessed female engineering college juniors fully intend to change the planet with their own ingenuity and hard work, whether building a solar car or harnessing wind power on a remote island. NERD GIRLS is soon to be a reality television series developed for multi-platform broadcast in the United States and abroad. http://www.ieee.org/web/membership/IEEEtv/about.html -- scroll down the Public Access box to “Nerd Girls”. keywords equity, student-friendly, diversity, underrepresented Thanks to Judy D’Amico & Tom Thompson.
07/14/2008 Publications Prepare, Motivate, Succeed ACM A new brochure from ACM for students in K-12 describes various career options available to students studying computer science and related disciplines in college. Keywords occupation, access, planning, equity, student-friendly, ETIC CSTF Thanks to Jay Bockelman.
07/14/2008 Research Succeed Center for Work/Life Policy The Athena Factor: Reversing the Brain Drain in Science, Engineering, and Technology, Center for Work/Life Policy -- 1 pg pdf press release and a web article on the research,

thanks to Di Saunders and Steffen Moller:
07/14/2008 Articles, Web Steering EdWeek U.S. policymakers seize on importance of STEM education. In continuing coverage from yesterday's briefing, Education Week (1/31, Jacobson) reported, [several states with STEM Education initiatives proposed, in process or established] ... "A document released by the" National Governors Association [NGA] in 2007 "likely served as the inspiration for many governors' proposals this year." However, "Lawmakers...are more concerned with the 'nuts and bolts of it all,'" said Julie Bell, the education program director for the National Conference of State Legislatures. They are concerned "whether there are enough teachers for such programs, and whether students are staying in those fields."

Thanks to Tim Brower.

Articles, Web

Steering, Prepare Boston Globe Fewer Students Pursue Computer-Related Degrees, 6.23.2008, Boston Globe -- Fewer college students are pursuing computer-related degrees at a time when demand is increasing and thousands of baby boomers are retiring from technical jobs - weblinked article. Keywords ETIC CSTF  
07/14/2008 Web Steering, Succeed GEARUP/OUS OUS' GEARUP: Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs gives low-income students every opportunity to prepare for and succeed in college -- their website lists resources in English and Spanish. Keywords equity, socioeconomic status, college-going culture, first-generation, espanol, access, affordability, student-friendly  
07/14/2008 Web Steering, Motivate ISEPP Portland's Institute for Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (ISEPP) produces the Linus Pauling Memorial Lecture Series and other events promoting public information and discussion about the nature and use of science, engineering, and technology --their website has the lecture schedule, speaker bios, and other information. The Oregon University System (OUS) helps underwrite these lectures.
07/14/2008 Web Steering, Prepare, Succeed Castillo/ ODE Superintendent's Update: Oregon Department of Education (ODE) weekly agency-wide news and resources: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/results/?id=364 keywords: newsletter, subscribe  
07/09/08 Weblink Prepare, Motivate, Steering, Pathways  

Achieve, Inc's Math At Work Brochures page: http://www.achieve.org/MathatWork

I skimmed a couple of these brochures, and I am not sure if I like them or not:

  • The occupational outlook does not distinguish between “some college” and “degree”
  • The IT brochure in particular seems to be defining IT, a very broad field (of which I have personal experience so am quite biased), as networking.  I think some kids would look at that and say, “Oh, then IT is not for me.”  The manufacturing brochure focuses on a Toyota assembly line.
  • Achieve's original vision may have focused on college prep at the expense of CTE and perhaps overemphasized math-to-learn-more-math; the "Math at Work" program may be something of a retrofit.
07/09/08 Staff Paper Prepare, Steering Cone/ OUS Ken Cone's informal Trip Report on CAD teacher's conference at Mark Morris High School, Longview WA. The event is hosted by Mark Morris High School and Rhinoceros 3D CAD software, and comes highly recommended by Don Domes, who would like to see more Oregon teachers able to participate in such an event -- 4 pg color pdf with photos  
07/07/08 Weblink, Articles Steering Gresham Outlook, Daily Vanguard

Helping Iraq & AfghanistanVeterans on Oregon's public campuses:

06/16/2008 Publications, Weblink Steering, Prepare Staggers

Dr. Wanda Staggers of North Carolina testitifes before the House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor at the hearing entitled “The National Mathematics Advisory Panel Report: Foundations for Success”, May 21, 2008

06/16/2008 Articles Prepare, Motivate, Steering EdWeek EdWeek Lessons at the Museum shows how some schools are making more intentional use of museum resources for science education. http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2008/06/11/41museum.h27.html  
06/16/2008 Publications, Weblink Prepare Great Lakes Press Engineering Your Future and Survey of Engineering are 2008 textbooks from Great Lakes Press for high school and middle school –  More info: http://www.glpbooks.com/k12_home.html Review copies in the OPAS office.  Please contact Jo if you are interested.
06/16/2008 Weblink Prepare UTAustin Achieve, Inc., and the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin's "Mathematics Benchmarks, Grades K-12" website www.utdanacenter.org/k12mathbenchmarks makes new web-based tools to help states and school districts establish mathematics coursework aligned with entry requirements for higher education and the workplace available at no charge to educators nationwide. Launched June 2008. UT Austin is also famed for the UTeach program recruiting math and science majors to teaching.
06/16/2008 Weblink Steering, Prepare ODE ODE’s Get Ready Oregon explains the new diploma requirements and the need for a more rigorous education: http://www.getreadyoregon.org/. Includes student video contest results. keywords student-friendly, access, college-readiness  
06/16/2008 Article Motivate, Steering Jones/Information Week
    Oregon State Wins 2008 Mars Rover Challenge, Information Week, 6.11.2008, by K.C. Jones
    OSU has won the second annual University Rover Challenge,a two-day competition held by the Mars Society at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.The team was commended for using common household products in the competition, which involved geology, biology, basic engineering, construction, and emergency navigation. Oregon State was the only team to locate a "distressed astronaut" during the navigation challenge.  Full article: http://www.informationweek.com/news/management/training/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=208403417
06/16/2008 Event, Weblink Motivate 4H National Youth Science Day (NYSD), October 8th, 2008: 4H will encourage all youth to be scientists by promoting a science experiment that can be performed nationwide. The intent is to generate significant national media coverage and produce actual results, reinforcing the message that scientific exploration—especially via out of school activities—can be fun and engaging for youth and adult mentors. Media partners Discovery Communications and Nickelodean will help raise awareness of National Youth Science Day and the SET goal of fostering one million new young scientists and engineers.
Thanks to Roger Rennekamp
05/20/2008 Publication Steering National Academy of Engineering "Understanding and Improving K-12 Engineering in the United States" examines the scope and nature of efforts to teach engineering to K-12 students. A project summary report can be downloaded at http://www.nae.edu/K-12engineering. Per Tom Thompson, "a great list of pre-engineering programs and a framework for evaluation.  It sounds like the full report will have detailed analysis.  The research summaries were very good."
05/06/2008 Article Succeed, Steering Nealy/ Diverse Online From Diverse Online, thanks to Di Saunders.
05/06/2008 Research Steering Lowell, Salzman / The Urban Institute
    Lowell & Salzman, Into the Eye of the Storm: Assessing the Evidence on Science and Engineering Education, Quality, and Workforce Demand, October 2007 – from the abstract “… our review of the data fails to find support for those presumptions. Rather, the available data indicate increases in the absolute numbers of secondary school graduates and increases in their math and science performance levels. Domestic and international trends suggest that that U.S. schools show steady improvement in math and science, the U.S. is not at any particular disadvantage compared with most nations, and the supply of S&E-qualified graduates is large and ranks among the best internationally. Further, the number of undergraduates completing S&E studies has grown, and the number of S&E graduates remains high by historical standards. Why, then, is there a purported failure to meet the demand for S&E college students and S&E workers?”

    Urban Institute home: http://www.urban.org/ - there is a pdf available under Harold Salzman's list of publications. Jo is working on obtaining permission to link directly to the paper.

Thanks to Tom Thompson.
05/06/2008 Research, Weblink Motivate, Succeed, Prepare, Steering Penn State U
    NEW eJOURNAL: International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering (IJSLE) – peer-reviewed, free, electronic, semi-annual, published by Penn State University. “The Journal welcomes manuscripts based on original work of students and researchers with a specific focus or implication for service learning in engineering, engineering entrepreneurship in service, or related service learning pedagogy … an invaluable resources for students, faculty, practicing engineers and local communities.”
Thanks to Tom Thompson & Pete Ready
05/06/2008 Article, weblink Prepare, Motivate Chronicle of Higher Education Thanks to Steffen Moller
05/06/2008 Weblink Motivate, Prepare Baine/ EESC
    From Celeste Baine, Engineering Education Service Center: a new blog on marketing engineering programs, replacing the The Engineering Education Advocate e-newsletter, about finding, educating, inspiring and recruiting students in engineering or other technical fields. If you have short articles about engineering recruitment, retention, camps, events or programs that could help others, feel free to forward them. The blog currently has about 4600 subscribers.
    http://www.engineeringedu.com/celestes_blog/ keywords lesson, speaker, motivate, resource
05/02/2008 Article Succeed, Prepare, Steering Sherwood Gazette

Oregon course combines engineering, technical education principles
Oregon's Sherwood Gazette (4/24, Moyer) reported that the "emphasis on engineering preparation classes" in John Niebergall's "advanced shop classes at" Sherwood High School (SHS) "is proving unique." At SHS, technology education teachers are "promot[ing] the use of cutting edge technology to prepare students for the real world." But in order "to compete with countries like India," Chris Brooks, president of the TechStart Education Foundation, said that "more schools need to follow" the lead of SHS. Brooks touted Niebergall's program, which combines traditional shop classes like woodworking with high tech software and 3D printers." He called the class "a shining example of how you can get kids interested in the engineering field." However, while the course is popular with boys, "young women are nearly absent from the class." Brooks recognized that "the lack of females in the engineering world is a problem," and said that it "remains a difficult challenge that schools and industry will continue to address." 

Thanks to ITEA Ideagarden & Brad Naas
05/02/2008 Publication Prepare PLTW Project Lead the Way: Introduction to Engineering Design: Analysis of Cognitive Levels of Learning and Mathematics and Science Content.  March 2008 (42 page pdf with color charts)
Intro to Engineering Design, IED, is the first course in the PLTW High School curriculum.
Thanks to Judy D'Amico
05/02/2008 Article, Web Steering San Antonio Business Journal Texas pre-engineering program receives state grant.
Texas's San Antonio Business Journal (4/23) reported that TexPREP, a "University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) program aimed at drawing in more young people to study math and science throughout the state, has received a $164,500 grant from the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp." According to the Business Journal, the funding will be "use[d] to support the...program at additional campuses throughout the state this summer." TexPREP "is based on the Pre-freshman Engineering Program (PREP) at" UTSA. A university spokesman said that "PREP began at the university in 1979," and in "1986 a statewide version of the UTSA PREP program, called the TexPREP program, was formed." Through both programs, "middle and high school students take courses in math, physics, computer science, logic, technical writing and engineering." The Business Journal pointed out that since TexPREP's inception, "25,818 grade school students have gone through the statewide program," and "[o]f that number, 81 percent have been members of minority groups and 53 percent were young women." keywords equity diversity gender
05/02/2008 Article, Web Steering Avalanche-Journal Texas Tech receives $2.7 million STEM education grant. Texas's Avalanche-Journal (4/24) reports that Texas Tech University "will receive $2.7 million from the National Science Foundation to help local school-children understand the connection between math and science." Texas Tech will use the money to offer the "Building Bridges: Integrating Math, Science, and Engineering Education on the South Plains" program. According to the Avalanche-Journal, the "program will give $30,000 stipends to eight to 10 Tech graduate students per year in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines." In return, students must "participate in two summer institutes and work 15 hours per week with area high school math and science teachers." keywords NSF
05/02/2008 Web Prepare, Motivate Salvadori
    Education and the Built Environment, “See It. Build It. Know It.” -- http://www.salvadori.org/
    Founded in 1976 by world-renowned structural engineer and Columbia prof Mario Salvadori who “believed that the built environment held all the knowledge that a person needed to be an intelligent and active member of the community. What teachers need to make this knowledge available to their students are tools with which they can "unpack" the knowledge embedded in the built environment.
    The Salvadori Center gives these tools to teachers and students through a pedagogy grounded in what it calls "project-based, hands-on/minds-on activities" that employ the principles of architecture, engineering, and the design process. Through this method, teachers and their students can unlock the math, science, art, and humanities embodied in the structures and systems that surround them.”
    keywords curriculum lesson plan elementary middle high
05/02/2008 Article, Web Steering, Succeed Inside Higher Ed
    A Closer Look at Minorities in Engineering, Inside Higher Education
    An important point: Only 4%  or "28,000 out of about 690,000 minority students who graduated from high school that year (2002) had taken enough required math and science courses to qualify them for a college program in engineering" -- brings home the importance of giving students reasons to take higher level math/science while in HS (and working to make sure that all our Oregon high schools offer physics, calculus). keywords equity diversity
Thanks to Ellen Momsen for the article and the point.
05/02/2008 Publications Prepare,
    Introduction to Engineering Design: Analysis of Cognitive Levels of Learning and Mathematics and Science Content.  March 2008 (42 page pdf with color charts)
    Intro to Engineering Design, IED, is the first course in the PLTW High School curriculum.
04/23/2008 Publications, Web Steering, Prepare Achieve
    Creating a World-Class Education System in Ohio.  Feb, 2007. 102 pg color pdf.  "Intended for Ohio policymakers and all other stakeholders interested in moving Ohio’s K-12 system to world-class levels. The report was commissioned by Achieve, Inc., with its fact base, international benchmarking of Ohio’s K-12 system, and identification of best practice implications for Ohio (in order to attain the goal of a world-class system) conducted by McKinsey & Company, drawing upon the work of leading international education experts." -- 7 page executive summary, review of international best practices.

      Created by the nation's governors and business leaders, Achieve helps states raise academic standards and achievement so that all students graduate ready for college, careers, and citizenship -

04/23/2008 Publications Steering Goldman/ Interdisciplinary Science Reviews

Why We Need a Philosophy of Engineering, a Work in Progress. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, Vol 29 No 2, June 2004, p 163-176(14). Abstract: "Engineering problem solving employs a contingency based form of reasoning that stands in sharp contrast to the necessity based model of rationality that has dominated Western philosophy since Plato and that underlies modern science. The concept 'necessity' is cognate with the concepts 'certainty', 'universality', 'abstractness' and 'theory'. Engineering by contrast is characterised by wilfulness, particularity, probability, concreteness and practice. The identification of rationality with necessity has impoverished our ability to apply reason effectively to action. This article locates the contingency based reasoning of engineering in a philosophical tradition extending from pre-Socratic philosophers to American pragmatism, and suggests how a contingency based philosophy of engineering might enable more effective technological action."
Free download thanks to the gracious permission of Maney Publishing - http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/maney/isr/2004/00000029/00000002

ISEPP Linus Pauling Memorial Lecturer, May 1, 2008 on "How Scientists Know What they Know."
04/22/2008 Working Papers Steering, Prepare Kirkwood/ OACTE OACTE (Oregon Association for Career and Technical Education) Don Kirkwood, CS & math teacher at North Salem, presented "ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMath, with all your concerns, why should you care?"- color pdf - keywords CTE, occupational outlook, jobs, careers, computer science, CS, diploma requirements See also ODE's Guidelines Added 4/22/2008 distributed at the same session
04/22/2008 Publications Prepare, Steering ODE

ODE's "Guidelines, Scenarios and Resources for Offering Credit in Applied Academics" - DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION- pdf - distributed at OACTE (Oregon Association for Career and Technical Educators), April, 2008. keywords diploma requirements, relevance, teacher licensure, Algebra I

See also Don Kirkwoods slides added 4/22/2008
04/16/2008 Web Prepare, Succeed, Steering IES

What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) - A central and trusted source of scientific evidence for what works in education from the Institute of Education Sciences, US Department of Education. keywords equity, gender, curriculum, program, research-based, underrepresented, diversity, instruction, teaching and learning

04/16/2008 Web Succeed, Prepare, Steering Clements & Sarama/ University of Buffalo

Building Blocks Foundations for Mathematical Thinking Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2: Research-based Materials Development, NSF grant. keywords preschool, primary, elementary, curriculum, instruction, mathematics

04/16/2008 Web, Article Succeed, Steering Cheche Konnen

The Chèche Konnen Center (Haitian Creole for "search for knowledge") is dedicated to improving science education for children who are not currently succeeding in school, whose linguistic, intellectual and cultural strengths are not recognized as relevant to academic learning. These children are disproportionately from low-income families with limited formal education; many speak a first language other than English. While the language these children use to describe what are essentially scientific observations of their world may not be what mainstream teachers expect, this does not invalidate their core observations. keywords URM, underrepresented, equity, diversity

  • EdWeek Article on the Cheche Konnen Center, March 2008- weblink
  • Cheche Konnen Center Website - home
04/16/2008 Article Steering, Succeed EdWeek
New research (2 studies) into the black-white achievement gap suggests that the students who lose the most ground academically in U.S. public schools may be the brightest African-American children. Speculation as to why: predominantly black schools tend to have less experienced teachers and fewer high-achieving peers; some comments speculate about peer pressure as a cause, especially for male students; predominantly black schools have lower over-all achievement levels and therefore "teaching to the mean" in those schools might be less challenging and stimulating than that experienced by high-achieving whites. 3 pg pdf keywords equity, diversity, African-American
04/11/2008 Data, Web Steering, Succeed NCES State Education Data Profiles from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) – while the data is often not as recent as one would like, it is plentiful, clean, comparable, and queryable: e.g., Oregon 2000 Demographics - 1 pg pdf  
04/03/2008 Web Motivate NOISE

NOISE - the Network of Informal STEM Educators' homepage

The Oregon University System maintains a listserv of NOISE members – to subscribe, please contact Jo Oshiro, jo_oshiro@ous.edu or 503.725.2910.  You much be a member of the listserv to email the listserv.

Thanks to OMSI for hosting the home page
04/03/2008 Web Motivate BEC

The Business Education Compact (BEC) maintains an on-line listing of informal science and technology education programs and opportunities, the TechnoScienceSupersite

  • To submit a new program click here
  • To update a program already listed, note "update" in the description box on the same form
Intel sponsors the site
04/03/2008 Web Prepare, Motivate Google

Google Earth Lessons - http://gelessons.com/lessons/ - free public resource created by teachers, for teachers gives educators tools and ideas for using the free Google Earth software in their classrooms. . All that is needed to use the lessons is a free download of Google Earth software. keywords curriculum

Thanks to eSchoolNews (http://www.eschoolnews.com/)
04/03/2008 Articles Steering, Prepare EdWeek Two articles discussing the findings of "Foundations for Success: The Final Report of the Mathematics National Advisory Panel", 2008.  Weblinks below:
  • Essential Qualities of Math Teaching Remain Unknown”, EdWeek – While quality teachers are known to account for 12 – 14% of variation in elementary math learning, what preparation, professional development, certification and ongoing support makes a teacher that can make such a difference is not known. [Notes Jo:  difficult to appropriately structure a controlled experiment to generate “research-based” results with such a complex model as two or more human beings interacting as teacher and student.]
  • Panel Calls for Systematic, Basic Approach to Math”- trying to reign in extremes of the debates on calculation/memorization vs. conceptual problem-solving; teacher vs. student-centered instruction; use of calculators.  The target is students well able to handle algebra in 8th and 9th grades.  The report may de-emphasize applied math.
Report posted 04/03/2008
04/03/2008 Publication



US Department of Education Foundations for Success: The Final Report of the Mathematics National Advisory Panel, 2008.  US Department of Education. 120 pg pdf; Executive Summary is about 20 pages.
See also EdWeek articles on this posted 04/03/2008
04/03/2008 Research, Article Prepare, Steering NASSP/ Principal Leadership April 2008

Blurring the lines: Career and Technical Education Today”, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) - 6 pg color pdf with photos
CTE classes, done with well-meshed academic, career, and technical content can improve student engagement, test scores, employability, desire and ability to pursue post-secondary education and reduce drop-out rates. Cases are cited, studies are referenced. Keywords PTE, workforce, 21st century, Perkins, postsecondary

04/02/2008 Research, Article Steering, Prepare EdWeek, Alliance for Excellent Education EdWeek report "Test Students to Enrich High School Teaching, Brief Urges" (2 pg pdf) on Alliance for Excellent Education policy brief "Measuring and Improving the Effectiveness of High School Teachers" and use of the "value-added analysis" statistical method for formative assessment of high school teaching. Once again, teacher quality cited as the most important factor in student learning.  
04/02/2008 Article Steering, Prepare Viadero/EdWeek "Students Observed to be 'On Task' less as class size grows", EdWeek April 2, 2008. Review of recent research in Britain and Hong Kong; US results not yet complete. Research confirms teacher anecdotes: larger classes take more group teaching; more time on keeping students, especially low-achieving ones, on task; less time per student interaction. No "threshold" effect found. 2 pg pdf.  
03/26/2008 Web, Article Steering, Prepare Ohio Beacon Journal Ohio's Beacon Journal (3/21, Byard) reports that the University of Akron (UA), Lorain County Community College (LCCC), Baldwin-Wallace College and the Stark State College of Technology have been awarded $6.5 million through the Choose Ohio First Scholarship program. The purpose of the program is to attract and retain students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). According to Rex Ramsier, a UA associate provost, "[a]bout 800 students -- spread among the four schools -- will receive scholarships over a five-year-period." The Beacon Journal notes, however, that the four "schools have yet to determine how the $6.5 million will be divided" between them. "The Ohio General Assembly created the scholarship program last year," and Ramsier noted that the "primary driver for this is stimulating the economy of Ohio." Ramsier said that if more people are trained for "[h]igh technology and knowledge-based careers," the state is more likely to attract additional business. keywords recruitment, retention  
03/26/2008 Events Steering, Motivate Nieman/ PSU Portland State University's Engineering Discovery Showcase is slated for Friday May 14, 2:30 - 5:00. More questions? Contact Kristin Nieman at PSU – krisc [ at ] cecs.pdx.edu  
03/26/2008 Staff Paper Steering, Motivate Oshiro/ OPAS Trip Report: Jo takes the Oregon State University College of Engineering Admissions Tour with one of the OSU Engineering Ambassadors, February, 2008. 2 pg pdf. keywords recruitment  
03/26/2008 Article Motivate Griffith/MAKE Saul Griffith's column Making Trouble: "Intern, Get Me a Campari! Why Summer Internships are More Important than Ever Before.", MAKE magazine, Volume 12. 2 pg pdf linked here with the gracious permission of the publishers. If you haven't seen MAKE, check it out!  
03/05/2008 Staff Paper Steering, Succeed, Motivate Oshiro/ OPAS Trip Report: SMILE Middle School Challenge, February 29, 2008 - 2 pg pdf - Jo visited the wrap-up of this day-and-a-half event at OSU at which rural Oregon middle school students visit WOU and OSU campuses for engineering-based team and college-awareness activities. This work was funded in part by an ETIC/OPAS grant for 2007-2009. keywords informal science education, equity, grant  
02/28/08 Article Steering Brower/TOST The Oregon Science Teacher, January 2008: "Thinking Globally in Oregon" by Tim Brower, OIT Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Affiliate Director, PLTW. Why and how middle and high school teachers can help address global competitiveness for the future workforce. 5 pg pdf keywords CTE, Project Lead The Way, STEM  
02/22/2008 Web Motivate, Prepare, Succeed, Steering



Web Resources for students, parents, teachers, counselors and volunteer engineers going to the classroom:

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) website National Academy of Engineering websites

Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) website - http://www.jets.org/

02/21/2008 Data Prepare Knight/ OPAS

Dick Knight has chewed on some data from various sources:

  • Have 2007 SAT test-takers have been exposed to Computer Science? (Not many) - xls
  • SAT Summary Data for 2007 - xls - Dick's interpretation - pdf
  • OUS Degrees of interest to OPAS 1996-2006- from the OUS Factbook - xls
02/21/2008 Publications Steering, Marketing Baranick, Delorey/ NAEE Because Dreams Need Doing: New Messages for Enhancing Public Understanding of Engineering.  February, 2007. Baranick and Delorey for the National Academy of Engineering. Market research on the perception of engineers and engineering. 46 pg pdf. Keyword focus group, positioning, PR, public relations, marketing, tagline.  
02/21/2008 Articles Steering Edweek "Exercise Seen as Priming Pump for Students' Academic Strides", Education Week, February 12, 2008. Scientific corroboration for the Mom observation that kids need recess. pdf. keywords neurocognitive, brain, physiology  
02/21/2008 Publications Steering, Prepare Sneider/ MOS & PSU Cary Sneider's slides on the need for action in STEM education and especially engineering; includes slides contrasting engineering problem solving and the scientific method - ppt or color pdf. Includes references and permission to reuse with appropriate citations. One of Jo's favorites
02/21/2008 Research, Web Steering, Prepare, Motivate Resnick/MIT On Thinking Like an Engineer - 12 year olds' advice on problem solving extracted from "All I Really Need toKnow (About Creative Thinking) I Learned (By Studying How Children Learn) in Kindergarten." 2007. Resnick is a key developer of LEGO Mindstorms and Cricket, and the new web-based language Scratch to teach kids (8+) programming concepts while minimizing the frustrations of precise, limited syntax. keywords creative thinking, learning, technological literacy (yes it's in there) design One of Jo's favorites
02/13/2008 Web Steering, Prepare ODE Oregon Department of Education Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation: Program Brief on Career and Technical Education - 3 pg pdf keywords CTE, PTE, workforce excellent short overview
02/12/2008 Data, Research Steering, Prepare NCES Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) results for 2006, published December 2007 - http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2008/2008016.pdf - data are not encouraging, especially in math. keywords high-stakes testing, world standing, industrialized nations  
02/12/2008 Data, Research Steering, Prepare NCES National Center for Educational Statistics "Mathematics Coursetaking and Achievement at the End of High School: Evidence for the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (ELSE:2002) - http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2008/2008319.pdf. Because this was not an experiment, but data mining, only correlation is possible - no causality can be established. SES continues to reign as the best predictor of success. Only 4% learn advanced skills such as solving multi-step word problems and applying analytic logic.  
02/12/2008 Data Steering, Prepare NSF National Science Foundation Science and Engineering Indicators 2008 - http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/seind08/  
02/12/2008 Working Papers Prepare OPAS

Some resources/info provided at the January Worksession on PLTW hosted by the Prepare Workgroup: (keywords Project Lead the Way)

02/12/2008 Publication Steering Oshiro/ OPAS "OPAS Recap January 2008" describes OPAS genesis, members, resources, activities - 1 pg pdf  
02/12/2008 Publication Steering Oshiro/OPAS "In the OPASsphere", February 12, 2008 - Events, Funding, Articles, Data, PLTW - 1 pg pdf occasional e-newsletter
02/08/2008 Web Steering, Prepare Boston Public Schools The Boston Teacher Residency Program is modeled on medical residency programs to provide both theory and practice in pedagogy - http://www.bpe.org/btr/. Keywords pre-service Thanks to Jill Tucker, Lemelson Foundation
02/08/2008 Web


LUMNI http://www.lumninet.com/ - This model for educational financing is operating in South America, starting in Chile in 2002. Student loans are financed using their future earnings as collateral. keywords access Thanks to Jill Tucker, Lemelson Foundation
02/06/2008 Article Prepare, Steering Wichita Eagle "Machinists launch call for skilled US Workers" January 28, 2008. Another nationwide drive for more technical post-secondary education. 2 pg pdf - keywords CTE, PTE, Career and Technical Education, occupational outlook.  
02/06/2008 Working Papers Prepare, Steering Thompson/ODE "CTE Considerations in Oregon Relevant to OPAS", Tom Thompson, ODE, January 2008. 7 pg pdf of a powerpoint presentation to the OPAS Prepare Workgroup. keywords PTE, Career and Technical Education, graduation requirements Contact Jo if you need the ppt file.
02/06/2008 Research Steering, Prepare Barton/Change Magazine "How Many College Graduates Does the US Labor Force Really Need?", Paul E. Barton, Change Magazine, January/February 2008. Fairly detailed explanation of labor statistics and economic analysis, showing some support for the position that there is more growth in jobs not requiring a college degree as in those that do. keywords: occupational outlook, job openings, forecast Thanks to Tom Thompson
02/06/2008 Articles Prepare, Steering Salem Statesman-Journal "Future Engineers are Getting Younger" January 30, 2008. Salem Keizer School District begins implementing PLTW and the middles school Gateway to Technology program. keywords Project Lead the Way, CTE  
02/06/2008 Articles Prepare, Motivate East Oregonian "High School Girls Take Robotics Talents To State Championship This Weekend." January 15, 2008. The Cherribombs from Umatilla go to ORTOP State Championship Tournament, Jan 19-20, 2008. keywords OST, diversity  
02/05/2008 Research, Web Prepare, Motivate Bookland, Valenti et al./ Finger Lakes CC Cooperative Learning: Description of Some Commonly Used Techniques. B. Bookland, J. Valenti, S. Latourelle, L. Maitland. 2000. The NYS Biology-Chemistry Mentor Network. link - 2 pg pdf  
02/05/2008 Research, Web Prepare, Motivate Johnson, Chung/ JITE The Effect of Thinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving (TAPPS) on the Troubleshooting Ability of Aviation Technician Students. Scott D. Johnson, Shih-Ping Chung. Journal of Industrial Technical Education, V 37 #1, Fall 1999. keywords learning, collaborative, cooperative  
01/22/2008 Research Prepare, Steering Walcerz, PLTW Report on the Third Year of Implementation of the TrueOutcomes Assessment System for Project Lead the Way. By Douglas Walcerz, Chief Learning Officer, TrueOutcomes, A Cengage Company, In partial fulfillment of the Third Year Deliverables of the Contract Service Agreement, October 1, 2007. 50 pg pdf  
12/14/2007 Research Prepare Ohland et. al/ JEE (Journal of Engineering Education) An Educational Brief: Identifying and Removing a Calculus Prerequisite as a Bottleneck in Clemson’s
General Engineering Curriculum, July 2004. Ohland, Yuhasz, Sill. (5 pg pdf) Making Calculus Co-requisite not pre-requisite to an engineering class, allowing some students to take pre-calc in fall term has resulted in better grades and better retention. Ohland has now moved to Purdue. Keywords: freshman engineering, longitudinal study, mathematics readiness.
11/28/2007 Data, Publications Prepare ODE Oregon Department of Education, Oregon Career and Technical Education, 2006-2007. Also known as "CTE At A Glance" or the "CTE Snapshot". Oregon's CTE students continue to score better than students as a whole when it comes to Oregon's benchmark tests. Keywords data, CTE, PTE. 5 pg pdf with color graphs.  
11/16/2007 Publications Prepare, Steering IEEE, Manny

House Hearing Explores Globalization Impacts for U.S. S&T Workforce  - November 6: The House Committee on Science and Technology's Subcommittee on Technology & Innovation held a hearing to consider the implications of the globalization of R&D and innovation for America's science and engineering workforce.  IEEE-USA vice president for career activities Paul Kostek was one of four witnesses who testified. Kostek described how workforce globalization is exerting downward pressures on high technology labor markets in the United States and outlined related areas of concern. The hearing—the fourth in a series of hearings examining the impact of globalization on innovation— explored the impact of high-technology offshoring on American STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) workers and students. All the witnesses discussed the new opportunities and challenges for workers created by globalization, including how globalization is reshaping the demand for STEM workers and skills. The witnesses also addressed how offshoring is affecting the STEM workforce pipeline and how incumbent workers are responding to globalization.

Prepared Testimony from IEEE: http://www.ieeeusa.org/policy/policy/2007/110607.pdf (9 pg)

From Ben Manny:  One point the article makes is that salaries and demand peaked in 2001 and have declined since then.  Hopefully this was a temporary decline due to the dot-com bubble burst but the article believes the trend will continue.  While this is discouraging and may not be the entire story, I did find it interesting to know what Congress is hearing on the subject.
11/16/2007 Data Steering, Pathways Oregon Dept of Labor, Brenda Turner.

“High Wage, High Demand” occupations defined:

    • High Wage = pays more than the all-industry, all-ownership median wage statewide or for a particular region.  In 2007, that’s >$15.22 per hour.
    • High Demand = having more than the media number of total (growth plus replacement) openings statewide or for a particular region.  Tthat’s more than 283 openings projected for the year 2014.
    • For data:  http://www.qualityinfo.org/pubs/high/sw.pdf  High-wage, high-demand jobs are listed on pages 23-38.
11/16/2007 Events Motivate, Succeed LaBoy-Rush

Oregon Engineering Challenge for Middle Schoolers:  Future City Competition flyer - pdf.

11/16/2007 Publications Prepare, Steering OUS

OUS Fall 2007 Enrollment Fact Sheet – enrollment is up. pdf

11/16/2007 Working Papers Prepare, Steering Dagget and Boyanovsky

CTE Teacher Preparation Summit, May 2007 4 pg summary

11/16/2007 Events Motivate, Steering, Pathways BEC Time to request a visiting engineer for BEC National Engineers’ Month - flyer pdf  
11/16/2007 Articles Steering Herald Scotland funds 10 universities with public money to improve engineering education.  The partnership of the Scottish Funding council, participating universities, and research staff will apply about $266 M US over the next 5 years.  The goal: a world class centre for engineering research. Complete article, pdf.  
11/16/2007 Publications Steering Oregon Business Plan Oregon Business Plan 2007 Competitive Index – Indicators of Oregon’s Global Economic Competitiveness, Measures of Pioneering Innovation, People, Place and Productivity that Drive the Oregon Economy, a joint project of the Oregon Business Plan and the Oregon Progress Board.  Find all 68 pages at http://www.oregonbusinessplan.org/pdf/2007%20Competitive%20Index.pdf.  
10/30/2007 Event Succeed PAVTEC
  • The 2008 PAVTEC Middle School Girls’ Conference needs presenters – on-line app due November 8; requesting 40 minute, hands-on, 3 sessions. A fun gig for a good group of girls.
10/30/2007 Article Succeed, Steering San Francisco Chronicle Help for undocumented young immigrants dies in Senate, by Carolyn Lochhead. MESA is concerned with the failure to address the issue of those who immigrated to this country illegally as children, highlights from the California MESA office. 1 pg pdf, color highlights
10/30/2007 Article Motivate IEEE IEEE article on motivating kids to become engineers; particular mention of Intel and Design Squad 4 pg pdf, color photos
10/30/2007 Article, web Succeed,
Oregonian, 10.29.07

Engineering faculties still shy in women, by Jeff Josseff - OSU and OHSU are doing better than many other institutions nationally at recruiting, retaining, and tenuring women faculty - http://www.oregonlive.com/oregonian/stories/index.ssf?/base/news/1193622915249580.xml&coll=7

10/30/2007 Article All National Governors Association

Press Release dated 7/2/2007, "NGA Awards $500,000 Grants to Six States to Improve STEM Education". The grants will allow states to create new STEM centers, support the development of a network of STEM centers or repurpose existing STEM Centers. The centers will serve as the foundation for an improved workforce through:

  • Aligning K-12 STEM education requirements with postsecondary and workplace expectations;
  • Improving the quantity and quality of STEM teachers;
  • Benchmarking state K-12 STEM standards, assessments and curricula to top performing nations in STEM education achievement and attainment;
  • Garnering public will for change to implement a better aligned system; and
  • Identifying best practices in STEM education and bringing them to scale.
10/03/2007 Publication Motivate, Succeed SMILE/ OSU 2006 - 2007 Annual Report from OSU's Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE), On the Road to College: Nurturing the Vision. 16 pg pdf. keywords OST, out of school time, outreach, underserved, underrepresented, testimonial, data  
10/02/2007 Article Prepare Scripps Howard News Service "Vocational Education's Future Hazy" - Vocational Education, solidly blue collar, has become Career and Technical Education with definite post-secondary pathways in California's Central Valley. 1 pg pdf  
10/02/2007 Events, Articles Prepare, Succeed, Motivate OSU College of Engineering Oregon State University College of Engineering's Annual Engineering Expo scheduled for Friday, May 9, 2008 - save-the-date postcard.  
10/02/2007 Articles Steering National Science Board NSB to unveil a new national action plan for STEM education in briefing at the Capitol on October 3, 2007. Press release  
09/24/2007 Working Papers Steering ODE

State School Improvement Fund:  Funds are allocated to districts and ESD's according to the ADM.  However, each recipient must submit an application that describes how the funds will be used.  The attached FAQ describes the allowable uses, which are all targeted at improving student performance.  Applications are due October 12, 2007.

09/24/2007 Working Papers, Data Prepare ODE

Perkins IV:   a federal funding program for Career and Technical Education, recently renewed with additional accountabilityUpdate on work being done.  Updates and public notes can be accessed through the link    Right now most of the notes from meetings are being compiled so much of the substance of this summer’s work is not online yet.  keywords: CTE, PTE.

09/24/2007 Working Papers Steering, Prepare ODE

Math Standards:  This link has connections to the newest version of the math standards. We believe the goal is to have the high school standards in front of the board by March 2008.  There is information in the document on how to comment on the standards in the document.

09/24/2007 Publications Steering PTC-MIT Consortium

“Preparing for the Perfect Storm, A Report on the Forum  Taking Action Together: Developing a National Action Plan to Address the “T&E” of STEM”  November 1, 2006 PTC-MIT Consortium. 54 pg pdf.Recommendations address capacity building; policy; focusing existing resources; research, assessment, and certification with forward momentum towards implementation through legislative briefings, a funders forum, action committees, and a national network of stakeholders and constituent groups.

09/24/2007 Publications Steering, Prepare, Succeed, Motivate National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • New Formulas for America's Workforce: Girls in Science and Engineering. 2003. 260 pg pdf summarizing grantees from the first 10 years of an NSF program addressing inclusivity in STEM education. Many informal education programs are praised.
  • New Formulas for America's Workforce 2: Girls in Science and Engineering. 2007. 87 pg pdf summary of grantee programs in STEM education.
09/24/2007 Web, Article Steering, Prepare Mentoring AP

Mentoring AP (http://www.apmentoring.org/) a State of Washington organization addressing one facet of educated students for the global economy has recently been awarded a significant grant.

09/10/2007 Event Prepare OIT Flier and registration for Project Lead The Way (PLTW) 2007 Counselor and Administrator Conference (1 pg pdf) on Friday October 12, 2007 at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City.  
09/05/2007 Publication Steering, Succeed NSF NSF RFP 07-578: Research on Gender in Science and Engineering FY 2008. Preliminary Proposals due November 5, 2007. emailed to OPAS members and interested parties September 4, 2007.
08/27/2007 Web Steering, Prepare NCCTE

National Center for Research in Career and Technical Education website provides a starting point for research in CTE. Keywords PTE, programs, Math in CTE. Some parts of the site are no longer being updated.

per Tom Thompson, ODE
08/20/2007 Web Steering, Prepare, Succeed, Motivate, Pathways ETIC

Request for Proposals (August 17, 2007). ETIC is seeking grant proposals to conduct projects that implement the strategy developed by the Oregon Pre-engineering & Applied Science Initiative (OPAS). This grant opportunity is open to all Oregon universities, colleges, community colleges, school districts and non-profit entities. Download a copy of RFP#2007-06, including a questionnaire in the form of a proposal template, here.

Questions to Jo Oshiro and/or Michele Vitali
08/20/2007 Articles, Web Prepare, Steering, Succeed Sadler & Tai/ Science, AAAS Transitions: The Two High School Pillars Supporting College Science. Sadler, Tai, Vol 317, 27 July 2007. Out-of-discipline high-school science courses are not associated with better performance in introductory college biology, chemistry, or physics courses, but high school math counts. Keywords academic preparation, calculus, data, sequence of science Jo's interpretation: Math matters more to a student's final grade in biology and chemistry than previous coursework within the discipline. For physics students, previous physics work matters slightly more.
08/20/2007 Publications, Web Prepare National Science Board

A National Action Plan for Addressing the Critical Needs of the U.S. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education System.

Draft report for public comment. Addresses to national challenges: (1) Ensuriing coherence in STEM Learning; and (2) Ensuring an adequate supply of well-prepared and highly effective STEM teachers. It makes a series of recommendations organized two major categories: (1) Ensure Coherence in The Nation's STEM Education System. (2) Ensure that Students Are Taught by Well-Qualified and Highly Effective STEM Teachers.

Please send public comments through August 30, 2007 to NSB_STEMaction@nsf.gov
08/20/2007 Publications, Web Prepare National Science Board

America's Pressing Challenge -- Building a Stronger Foundation

A policy recommendation produced as a companion to the 2006 Science and Engineering Indicators. The report conlcudes that STEM education will only improve if we (1) Gain Public Support; (2) Develop and Retain a High Quality Mathematics and Science Teaching Profession; (3) Provide Students Appropriate Opportunities to Learn; (4) Prepare Guidance Counselors to Provide Quality Career Guidance; (5) Use Assessments to Reinforce Learning.

08/20/2007 Publications, Web Prepare National Science Board

2006 Science and Engineering Indicators

Science and Engineering Indicators (SEI) is first and foremost a volume of record comprising the major high quality quantitative data on the U.S. and international science and engineering enterprise. SEI is factual and policy-neutral. It does not offer policy options and it does not make policy recommendations. SEI employs a variety of presentational styles—tables, figures, narrative text, bulleted text, web-based links, highlights, introductions, conclusions, reference lists—to make the data accessible to readers with different information needs and different information processing preferences.

07/23/2007 Publications, Web Succeed Osborne/ Int. J. Sci. Educ, 2003 "Attitudes toward Science: A review of the literature and its implications." Int. J. Sci. Educ. 2003, Vol 25 No 9 1049-1079. Special Issue: Affect. Osborne, Simons, Collins. 32 pg pdf. Recommended by Prof Larry Enochs at OSU Dept Math & Science Ed
07/18/2007 Publication, Web Prepare, Steering Resnick/ MIT "All I Really Need toKnow (About Creative Thinking) I Learned (By Studying How Children Learn) in Kindergarten." 2007. Resnick is a key developer of LEGO Mindstorms and Cricket, and the new web-based language Scratch to teach kids (8+) programming concepts while minimizing the frustrations of precise, limited syntax. keywords creative thinking, learning, technological literacy (yes it's in there) design. Extract On Thinking Like an Engineer - 12 year olds' advice on problem solving  
07/16/2007 Publication, Web Prepare Douglas Walcerz, Outcomes Assessments Solutions, LLC "Program Evaluation of Project Lead the Way, 2005-2006" link to 44 page pdf. 2nd year data for 20 states, 75 schools (about 10 percent of PLTW schools) 3700 students, 900 seniors, 1600 reported grades show PLTW students attend college at high rates, study engineering at very high rates, and are well prepared for college level work. African-American ethnicity may not be separable from socioeconomic status. Quotables, graphs, tables. From the national PLTW website.
07/16/2007 Article, Web Steering, Motivate, Prepare, Succeed TechStart Education Foundation

"Software Association of Oregon Foundation Changes Name to TechStart Education Foundation to Reflect Broadening Foundation Activities", June 1, 2007. Webpage. keywords SAOF, non-profit, SuperQuest, High School programming contest

07/03/2007 Publication Prepare NGA Retooling Career Technical Education -- Issue Brief by the NGA Center for Best Practices, June 11, 2007  
06/28/2007 Program, Web Motivate TechXplore TechXplore..."a high-impact education program and ecompetition that coonnects teams of students with technology professionals from electronics, telecommunications, and high-tech companies to explore the world of technology."  
06/28/2007 Publication Prepare ITEA Technological Literacy for All. Report provides "a greatly expanded explanation of what technology and technological literacy are, and why everyone needs to be technologically literate. It also provides a logical transition from the 10 universals (processes, knowledge, and contexts) identified in Rationale and Structure into the 20 standards found in STL [Standards for Technological Literacy]. ... new sections on the teaching of technology in Grades K—12 and beyond, and a call to action to garner support for the study of technology for all Americans in the future."  
06/27/2007 Web All Boston Museum of Science Searchable database of Technology & Engineering Curriculum.  
06/27/2007 Program, Web Motivate, Succeed Citizens Schools Citizens Schools. "Citizen Schools operates a national network of apprenticeship programs for middle school students, connecting adult volunteers to young people in hands-on learning projects. At Citizen Schools, students develop the academic and leadership skills they need to do well in school, get into college, and become leaders in their careers and in their communities." keywords out of school time, OST, outreach  
06/26/2007 Publication All NAE Technically Speaking: Why All Americans Need to Know More About Technology (Executive Summary). Report gives eleven recommendations in areas including strengthening the presence of technology in education and rewarding teaching excellence and educational innovation. Keywords technological literacy, National Academy of Engineering  
06/26/2007 Articles, Web Motivate, Success NCWIT K-12 Alliance Launched to Reverse Declining Participation of Girls in Computing Careers. Also see new alliance web site. Keywords Diversity, IT, CS, curriculum, careers, National Center for Women and Information Technology, outreach, Girl Scouts  
06/20/2007 Publication Prepare NAS America's Lab Report: Investigations in High School Science (Executive Summary), 2005. Report gives 7 conclusions on current use of laboratories and equivalents in the teaching high school science.  
06/18/2007 Staff Papers Prepare Lyon/ OPAS "PLTW Implementation from an Administrative Perspective" by Ellen Lyon, Glencoe HS, Hillsboro SD for the Prepare Workgroup. keywords Project Lead The Way, CTE, PTE  
06/15/2007 Publications, Web Prepare NAS Taking Science to School: Learning and Teaching Science in Grades K-8 (Executive Summary), 2007. Report makes 8 major reccomendations covering What, When and How to Teach plus Professional Development.  
06/14/2007 Web Motivate, Succeed NCWIT National Center for Women & Information Technology. Their mission is to ensure that women are fully represented in the influential world of information technology and computing.  
06/14/2007 Publications, Web Prepare National Academy of Science Tech Tally: Approaches to Assessing Technological Literacy (Executive Summary) See also podcast
06/14/2007 Web Motivate Sally Ride Science TOYChallenge is a team-based program for 5th through 8th grade students that exposes them to science, engineering, and design. Think of it as FLL except it's design focus is toys instead of robots.
06/14/2007 Publications, Web Steering, Prepare BHEF An American Imperative -- Transforming the Recruitment, Retention, and Renewal of Our Nation's Mathematics and Science Teaching Workforce. June 11, 2007. Makes series of recommendations on enhancing quantity and quality of K12 science and mathematics teachers. Seeks to address shortfalls in America's ability to remain competitive in STEM professions.
06/14/2007 Publications, Web All ITEA Preparing for the Perfect Storm -- A Report on the Forum: Taking Action Together: Developing a National Action Plan to Address the "T&E" of STEM, Nov. 1, 2006  
06/14/2007 Publications, Web All Business Roundtable Tapping America's Potential -- The Education for Innovation Initiative. July 2005. Proposes to double the number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduates by 2015. Also see Tapping America's Potential website.
05/23/2007 Staff Papers Steering, Prepare Oshiro / OPAS OPAS Prepare Workgroup Summary Report: Advanced Placement in Oregon, with notes on International Baccalaureate, Dual Credit, Tech Prep and College Now. May 23. 2007; most data for 2006. keywords test, participation. Some demographic data included. 2 pg pdf.  
05/18/2007 Publications Pathways OPAS/ OUS "Good News For Students: Agreement Smoothes Pathways towards Careers in Manufacturing Engineering and Technology." 1 pg pdf of email announcement sent May 18, 2007 to selected stakeholders. Keywords alignment, articulation, PLTW, Project Lead The Way, OIT, community college  
05/18/2007 Publications, web Motivate, Succeed BEC Ad/ flyer (1 pg pdf b/w) for the TechnoScienceSupersite at their new address: www.TechnoScienceSupersite.org. To print as flyer, use the print options landscape and page scaling "print to fit paper".  
05/18/2007 Publications Prepare, Steering ACT College Readiness series. ACT National Curriculum Survey 2005-2006. (98 pg pdf) Published 2007. Keywords knowledge, skills, success, standards, testing, middle school, high school, postsecondary, content, inquiry Survey conducted every 3-5 years to calibrate curriculum-based test
05/15/2007 Working Paper Steering, Prepare ODE/ OSBE Oregon State Board of Education Topic Summary for the Meeting of May 17, 2007: Proposed new diploma implementation task force structure and process. (19 pg color pdf ) Part of a PK20 Redesign. Keywords requirement, alignment Thanks to Tom Thompson, ODE
05/10/2007 Web Steering, Succeed NAE

National Academy of Engineering websites of particular interest/use:

05/10/2007 Publications Steering GAO GAO Testimony to Committee on Education and the Workforce, House of Representatives, May 3, 2006: Higher Education - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Trends and the Role of Federal Programs. - (23 pg pdf) based on an October 2005 report. keywords data, STEM, employment, foreign workers, women, underrepresented minorities  
04/10/2007 Staff Papers Steering, Prepare OIT Updated Table of schools in Oregon with Project Lead the Way programs (PLTW) as of April 10, 2007  
04/6/2007 Publications, Web Steering, Prepare eSchool News

Parents, Teachers, Kids Speak up on Ed Tech. Fourth annual Speak Up survey results reveal attitudes about educational technology. Among the survey's many findings: Students want to see more integration of technology into subjects such as science and math--and two-thirds of parents believe technology is underused in schools. Website. keywords technology literacy

04/6/2007 Publications, Web Prepare, Steering U. Texas Austin UTeach Teacher Preparation Program to Expand Nationally Through $125 M Commitment by ExxonMobil, March 9 2007.- website. Keywords Professional Development, Rising above the Gathering Storm, science, math, National Science and Math Initiative (NMSI), National Academies  
04/5/2007 Events, Web Motivate, Succeed OSU OSU Summer Science Camp for Middle Schoolers - sponsored by ExxonMobil and Harris Foundation - student costs are covered. Student application - English - Spanish. Website includes application packets for staff - high schoolers encouraged to apply. Through OSU 4H; SMILE; Dept. of Math and Science Education; College of Engineering


Motivate, Steering BEC

Techno Science Supersite Overview (1 pg pdf) website

03/23/2007 Events Pathways, Steering   NW Youth Career Expo - flyer (2 pg color pdf) - registration form  
03/23/2007 Publications, Staff Papers Steering, Prepare, Succeed


Knight/ OPAS

Beyond the Big Test: noncognitive assessment in higher Education. William E. Sedlacek, 2004. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco. ISBN 0-7879-6020-9. Criteria other than SAT, ACT and GPA are better predictors of student success, especially for minorities. keywords Insight resume, admissions. OPAS member Dick Knight's review of this book.  
03/21/2007 Publications Steering OUS Oregon University System Issue Brief. Oregon's Engineering and Applied Science "Pipeline". ETIC pre-college programs that prepare today's and tomorrow's technology workforce. 2 pg pdf describes ETIC funded and public-private partnership programs with OUS Industry Affairs. Pre-college programs only.
03/20/2007 Publications Prepare, Pathways Intel Make your Mom and Dad Proud and Other Great Reasons to Get a Doctorate. Intel 2006. 2 pg color pdf. How to Get into the Doctoral Program of Your Choice. Intel, 2006. 5 pg color pdf. Perhaps these could be models for similar docs on lesser degrees?
03/20/2007 Publications, Web Succeed Brainard and Carlin/ FIE A Longitudinal Study of Undergraduate Women in Engineering and Science. Brainard and Carlin, 1997. (10 pg pdf) Abstract (1 pg pdf). Frontiers in Education. Web Clearinghouse supported by IEEE and ASEE.  
03/20/2007 Publications, Web Prepare NGA, 2007 Innovation America, Building a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Agenda. National Governor's Association, February 2007. (32 pg pdf color) Website. An Innovation America brochure previously put on this list.
03/20/2007 Publications, Web Prepare, Steering NRCCTE, 2005

Building Academic Skills in Context: Testing the Value of Enhanced Math Learning in CTE. National Research Center for Career and Technical Education (NRCCTE) at the University of Minnesota. 2005. Executive Summary (2 pg pdf). Complete Report (165 pg pdf color). Website. Keywords Math-in-CTE.

Lane County, Oregon joins the study. (2 pg pdf color)

03/15/2007 Staff Papers Steering, Prepare, Succeed, Motivate Davis-Butts/ OPAS OPAS White Paper: Fostering STEM Diversity. 8 pg pdf with abstract, 1.5 pg refs. keywords: implement, minority, gender, underrepresented, barrier, women  
03/15/2007 Working Papers Steering, Prepare, Succeed ODE Changes in High School Graduation Diploma Requirements - summary (2 pg) and DRAFT Decision Paper (18 pg)  
03/15/2007 Staff Papers Succeed Oshiro and Kirkwood/ OPAS No Boys Allowed, North Salem High School - a short description of the event history.  
03/14/2007 Publications, Web Prepare Felder and Brent/ NC State/ NSF Cooperative Learning in Technical Courses: Procedures, Pitfalls and Payoffs, 1994. 19 pg pdf. Professor Richard Felder's webpage on Active and Cooperative Learning. Excellent paper with much practical advice from an engineering prof
03/9/2007 Publications, Web Steering Rothstein & Jacobsen/ Economic Policy Institute A Test of Time, Unchanged Priorities for Student Outcomes. Originally appeared in The School Administrator, March 2007. 6 pg pdf published on the Economic Policy Institute Website. Keywords data, survey, administrator, superintendent. Historically and currently, public education is about more than academics, despite NCLB.
03/8/2007 Working Papers

Steering, Motivate, Prepare, Succeed Strategy, Pathways


OPAS Public Relations and Communications Updated Materials:

  • The River Analogy graphic - Bay of Opportunity - Growing Oregon's Engineering and Technology Innovators and Workforce (1 pg intense color pdf) Feb 21 2007
  • The OPAS Stairsteps of Opportunity - November 2006 (1 pg color pdf)
03/3/2007 Publications Steering, Prepare, Motivate Schoelkopf/ ODE Oregon Professional Technical Education 2005-2006. keywords PTE, CTE, data, charts (5 pg color pdf). PTE/CTE students continue to outperform students as a whole on state benchmarks for reading, writing, math.  
02/20/2007 Publications Steering, Motivate, Prepare Saturday Academy Brochure describing the ASE internship program for 2006-2007 (2 pg color pdf)  
02/20/2007 Publications Steering, Motivate, Succeed Rennekamp/ 4H/ OSU Summary of 4H STEM Activity: BIT, Tech Wizards, GPS/GIS, Totally Tech Camp. (3 pg pdf)  
02/13/2007 Publications Motivate, ACCC OMSI/ NOISE, Walters/ Ft Worth Museum Hist Sci NOISE (Network of Informal STEM Educators) Kickoff Conference, OMSI February 5, 2007: attendees (12 pg color pdf with photos); Keynote address by Charlie Walters, Fort Worth Museum of History and Science (26 pg pdf color photos); Texas Informal Science Education Association Guidelines for Supporting the Improvement of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education in Texas (15 pg pdf) About 90 attendees; well reviewed. Aim is a self-sustaining organization; ETIC grant
02/13/2007 Working Papers Steering, Pathways OIT and CCWD? Description of the Associate, Bachelor, and Master of Science Degrees in Manufacturing Engineering Technology at OIT. 1 pg pdf Includes scope of responsibilities as an employee
02/8/2007 Publications Steering, Practice Bollag/ Chronicle of Higher Education "A Top Physicist Turns to Teaching" - Nobel Laureate Carl Weisman at University of British Columbia - 6 pg pdf quality of teaching in undergrad science not a new discussion
01/31/2007 Publications, Web Steering, Practice, Motivate UTeach/ UTexas Austin UTeach: recruiting, developing, and retaining a new generation of math, science, and computer science teachers - website - brochure (8 pg color pdf) reputedly successful
01/30/2007 Publications Steering, Prepare OUS One Year Later: The Status of the Class of 2005 Bachelor's Degree Recipients (56 pg pdf) or Factsheet (2 pg pdf)  
01/26/2007 Staff Papers Steering, Prepare Brower/ OIT Table of schools in Oregon with Project Lead the Way programs (PLTW) - updated April 10, 2007  
01/26/2007 Working Papers Prepare Girl Scouts Columbia River Council From the Program Aide Training Materials - Program Age Level Characteristics How girls of various ages behave and learn
01/26/2007 Publications Steering, Motivate, Succeed SMILE/ OSU Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE) - Brochure (2 pg pdf), Case Statement (2 pg pdf), 2005-06 Annual Report (34 pg pdf) OSU, an outreach program concentrating on rural schools
01/12/2007 Publications Steering, Prepare OIT Flyer for OIT's Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Summer Training Institute (STI) for high school teachers. 1 pg. One of the ETIC grantees
01/9/2007 Publications, Web Steering, Prepare Daggett/ International Center for Leadership in Education Achieving Academic Excellence through Rigor and Relevance, a white paper of the International Center for Leadership in Education (a commercial enterprise) - website 5 pg pdf
01/4/2007 Data Steering, DIVR, SAMR Reeder/ ODE Minorities in Oregon High Schools, 2005-2006, by district and school - xls file. Includes total enrollment. Minorities not categorized.
12/28/2006 Publications Steering Blue et al./ NSF The Engineering Workforce: Current State, Issues, and Recommendations, Final Report to the Assistant Director of Engineering. May 2005. "Interest in engineering is declining; women and minorities underrepresented; broadening participation will require changes in preparation for engineering student and in the culture of engineering schools; the practice of engineering is undergoing significant change but curriculum is slow to change; 'commodity engineering' can be done anywhere, the US advantage will be in innovation and systems management." 46 pg pdf
12/28/2006 Publications, web Steering National Governors Association (NGA) Innovation America Initiative task force to "take the lead in developing strategies to create clusters of innovation and new approaches to math and science education for all students" - website, brochure, newspaper article December 2006 brochure is 2 pg color pdf
12/28/2006 Publications, web Steering Winston Group/ American Council on Education (ACE) Solutionsforourfuture.org: Math and Science Education and United States Competitiveness: Does the Public Care? Summary Report, September 2006 8 page pdf
12/28/2006 Publications Steering Tsapogas/ NSF National Science Founcation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, Characteristics of Recent Science and Engineering Graduates: 2003, NSF 06-329, Project Officer John Tsapogas (Arlington, VA 2006). 207 page pdf; employment field, satisfaction, salary, debt incurred, CC attendance and more
12/28/2006 Publications, Web Steering Cone / OUS The AeA scholarship program for Oregon high school students attending OUS schools in certain engineering and science disciplines - see the website, the sponsor flyer pdf, and the student flyer pdf $2500/ year for 4 years, mentoring
12/27/2006 Publications, Web Steering Schafer / OPAS Revised plan for 2007-2009 Biennium Investment plan for the two-year period starting 7/1/2007
12/19/2006 Publications, Web Steering, ACCC, IPD, ACSW/CPTH, DIVR, MKTC, SCC, SAMR Oshiro/ OPAS Final Report from the OPAS Initiative Workshop held November 17, 2006 at OMSI - 17 page pdf - Workshop website  
12/19/2006 Publications, Web Steering, ACCC, IPD, ACSW/CPTH, DIVR, MKTC, SCC, SAMR NSF National Science Foundation Program Solicitation NSF 07-514 Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) - 25 page pdf - or announcement webpage. The summary of previous ITEST awards is fascinating and informative reading. Next preliminary proposals due 1/5/07; Final 5/10/2007
12/12/2006 Publications, Web DIVR, SCC Tobias/ Research Corp Abstract - They're Not Dumb, They're Different: Stalking the Second Tier , Sheila Tobias, as abstracted by the Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science at Case Western Reserve University. Publisher: Research Corp, Tucson AZ. ISBN 0-9633504-0-4. Tobias also wrote Revitalizing Undergraduate Science, 1992, Research Corp. ISBN 0-9633504-1-2. 2 pg pdf. Very cogent and thought-provoking. Her research uses sociological methods
12/12/2006 Publications, Web DIVR, SCC Rosser/ J. Gen. Ed. Abstract - Female-Friendly Science, Sue V. Rosser, as abstracted by the Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science at Case Western Reserve University, The Journal of General Education Vol. 42 No. 3, 1993 (191-220). 4 pg pdf
12/12/2006 Publications, Web ACSW/ CPTH Jenkins, Spence/ Workforce Strategy Center Career Pathways How-To Guide - on the web at http://www.workforcestrategy.org/publications/WSC_howto_10.16.06.pdf 56 pg pdf
12/11/2006 Staff Papers


Oshiro/ OPAS OPAS Workshop 2006 Draft Report - emailed to OPAS members Friday December 8, 2006; minor corrections made to correct cross-references 12/11/06. 17 pg pdf; 5 page report plus 5 Appendices
12/07/2006 Data Steering, ACSW, CPTH, SAMR Oshiro/ OPAS

Update to 2004-2014 Oregon Employment, compares Oregon to US national figures for Computer, Math, Architecture & Engineering Occupations - xls or pdf

Data as received from State of Oregon with SOC subsets - xls

1 pg pdf; both xls files have several worksheets
12/06/2006 Publication Steering Vitali/ ETIC ETIC Grants in Support of OPAS Summary, (RFP November 05, Awards April 06) 4 pg pdf, as presented to ETIC October 27, 2006
11/20/2006 Web MKTC, all IEEE IEEE Backs New PBS Engineering Reality TV Show for Youngsters Ages 9 to 12  
11/14/2006 Staff Papers SCC, Steering Gallager/ OPAS, 2006 OPAS Standards, Courses, and Curricula Committee Position Paper, November 8, 2006 keywords applied, PTE, CTE 2 pg pdf
11/13/2006 Staff Papers DIVR, Steering, SAMR Davis-Butts/ OPAS, 2006 White Paper: Fostering STEM Diversity, Eda Davis-Butts, Chair, OPAS Diversity Committee, keywords minority, women, gender, participation, barriers - updated with abstract, logo, corrections March 15, 2006 8 pg pdf, abstract, 1.5 pg refs
11/10/2006 Staff Papers Steering, all Oshiro & Schafer/ OPAS/ OUS All-OPAS Workshop November 17, 2006 (webpage)- Advance Agenda (3 pg), Advance Materials (8 pg), Map (1 pg, 2 maps), Driving Directions (1 pg) pdf files
11/09/2006 Data Steering, all State of Oregon Oregon Occupational Outlook Data, 2004-2014, selected job titles related to Engineering, Science (not Biology) and Technology, by recommended education, some wage info - as xls or Summary pdf Selected by Jo based on title, minimum education, wage
11/09/2006 Web Steering, all ASEE - American Society for Engineering Education

PRISM magazine - http://www.prism-magazine.org/

keyword global, world

monthly; also available in print
11/09/2006 Article Steering, Diversity ASEE Trouble on the Horizon, ASEE Prism, Volume 16, No. 2, October 2006 keyword data, minority, women, diversity 4 pg pdf says "Page n of 20" - most were blank.
11/08/2006 Publication Steering Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy/ National Academies, 2006 Rising Above the Gathering Storm, Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future. Committee on Prospering in the Global Economy of the 21st Century: An Agenda for American Science and Technology, Executive Summary. keywords federal 16 pg color pdf; study conducted by request of Senate and House.
11/06/2006 Working Papers ACSW/CPTH, Steering, SCC OSBE State Board of Education -- Topic Summary, High School Diploma Requirements, November 2, 2006 keywords Essential Skills, Graduation 14 pg pdf
11/03/2006 Working Papers ACSW/CPTH; Steering OR Legislative Staff Oregon Staff Measure Summary, SB 342 B; originally included in OPAS Summit 2005 binder; keywords articulation, transfer, AAOT 1 pg;
10/27/2006 Data ACSW/CPTH Oshiro Collated Enrollment Data for selected High Schools PTE and College-Prep Math and Science Classes AY 2005-2006 2 pg pdf
10/27/2006 Data Steering, SCC, SAMR ODE Approved Industrial and Engineering Strand PTE programs in Oregon High Schools - .xls; current as of June 2006  
10/27/2006 Data Steering, SCC, SAMR ODE 2004-2005 Oregon PTE Statistical Snapshot; PTE kids consistently match or surpass academic test scores for all kids; number of approved programs falling. 1 pg pdf; 6 graphs from Jim Schoelkopf
10/27/2006 Working Papers Steering, SAMR ? from an email to Bruce Schafer Fewer Civil Engineers, a compilation of quotes, Fall 2006 keywords employment, forecast, workforce 1 pg pdf
10/27/2006 Working Papers Steering Workforce 2005 Task Force/ OWIB Summary Report to OWIB (Oregon Workforce Investment Board): Workforce 2005 Task Force Recommendations (SB 364) September 22, 2006 4 pg pdf
10/27/2006 Staff Papers



All-OPAS Workshop Planning: Agenda, Format & Materials, Rev 6.0, October 26, 2006 keywords latest

3 pg pdf
10/27/2006 Publications SAMR California Resources Agency Mentor Program 2 pg pdf webprints
10/27/2006 Publications Steering, ACSW/CPTH, SCC ACTE Career and Technical Education's Role in American Competitiveness, issue brief of the Association for Career and Technical Education 8 pg pdf, color, references; from Jim Schoelkopf
10/27/2006 Publications Steering, ACSW/CPTH, SCC Conley/ EPIC College Knowledge, a powerpoint presentation to the IB Organization, July 2006 keywords KSUS, habits of mind 9 pg pdf, 18 slides, color; nice summary
10/25/2006 Staff papers Steering, All Knight/ OPAS OPAS Opportunities keywords Staircase PR Overview STEM from the Steering Meeting October 25, 2006 1 pg pdf
10/24/2006 Publications Steering ACT Developing the STEM Education Pipeline: research and recommendations for policymakers and educators, based on the test results of the more than 1 million students who take the ACT each year 8 pg pdf webprint
10/24/06 Publications Steering Goodstein/ Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society Scientific Elites and Scientific Illiterates Excellent historical perspective on science and education, fun read
10/24/06 Publications Steering National Research Council, 2002 Learning and Understanding: Improved Advanced Study of Mathematics and Science in U.S. High Schools, by the Committee on Programs for Advanced Study of Mathematics and Science in American High School - online or executive summary report on 2 year study finds room for AP, IB improvement particularly science inquiry, project-based work
10/23/2006 Research papers Steering, IPD, SCC Otero, Finkelstein, McCray, Pollock/ Science Professional Development: Who is Responsible for Preparing Science Teachers? keywords Learning Assistant, University of Colorado Boulder; Vol 313, 28 July 2006 2 pg pdf
10/23/2006 Research papers SCC, Steering, SAMR Sorby, Opplinger, Boersma/ Journal of STEM Education Design and Assessment of an "Engineering" Course for Non-Majors keywords Engineering for Non-believers; V7 Issue 1,2 Jan-June 2006. 10 pg pdf, Pre-, post-survey data
10/20/2006 Staff papers Steering, All Oshiro/ OPAS Notes for OPAS Initiative Meeting of the Committee Chairs, October 5, 2006 Updates, Driving Ideas, Workshop planning for November 17
10/20/2006 Web SAMR ACM/CSTA Computing Degrees and Careers - keywords student-friendly High School students
10/20/2006 Web SAMR OUS, ETIC GetReal - Explore Oregon Computer Science - keywords student-friendly, interview High School students major, career info.
10/20/2006 Web SAMR JETS JETS - Junior Engineering Technical Society - keywords student-friendly, newsletter Students, parents, educators
10/20/2006 Web SAMR EESC Engineering Education Service Center keywords student-friendly, newsletter This is a business, but good stuff
10/20/2006 Web SAMR ASEE ASEE K12 Engineering Education Center keywords student-friendly, newsletter Students, Teachers; several publications
10/20/2006 Web SAMR IEEE, JETS et al. Tryengineering: Discover the creative engineer in you - keywords student-friendly, interview, newsletter Students 8-18; Parents, teachers, counselors
10/19/2006 Standards SCC, Steering Washington State 2005 Knowledge of the Skills, Processes, and the Nature of Scientific Inquiry - keyword EALR 1 pg pdf poster from EALR document
10/19/2006 Standards SCC, Steering Washington State, 2005. Science. K-10 Grade Level Expectations: A New Level of Specificity. Washington State's Essential Academic Learning Requirements. keyword EALR 83 pg pdf; not yet reviewed but looks good on first skim by Jo
10/19/2006 Staff Papers SAMR, MKTC, DIVR Oshiro/ OPAS Potential Synergies: OPAS Student Success: Access, Motivation, Retention (SAMR) and the Business Education Compact (BEC) - keywords industry, volunteer, intern, National Engineer's Month (NEM) Notes of a meeting between Mary Beth Horton and Eileen Boerger, September 22, 2006
10/17/2006 Articles Steering, SCC Conley/ IBO 2005 Building the Foundations of University Success. NA eNewsletter Vol 5 No. 6 keywords habits of mind, college knowledge, EPIC, KSUS 2 p pdf; International Baccalaureate Organization.
10/17/2006 Research Papers DIVR Gatta and Trigg/ Rutgers. 2001 Bridging the Gap: Gender Equity in Science, Engineering and Technology 56 p pdf with selected biblography.
10/10/2006 Web CPTH, Steering ACM Association for Computing Machinery's Computing Degrees and Careers page, http://computingcareers.acm.org/ See sidebar, "Top 10 reasons to major in computing", others
10/06/2006 Working Papers Steering, SCC ODE ODE - FAQs on AYP - Pdf Download of Website October 6, 2006; keyword NCLB 45 Questions and Answers about Adequate Yearly Progress, from website also in this list
10/06/2006 Web Steering, SCC ODE ODE - FAQs on AYP (Average Yearly Progress for NCLB - No Child Left Behind) - http://www.ode.state.or.us/apps/faqs/index.aspx?=39 45 Questions and Answers about Adequate Yearly Progress
10/05/2006 Articles Steering, SCC Jee/ Silver Chips Online AYP requirements may expand to include science, 5/25/2006 keyword NCLB, accountability 2 pg pdf; good summary of AYP issues
10/05/2006 Publications Steering World Cafe Community The World Cafe presents Cafe to Go! A quick reference guide for putting conversations to work ... keyword meeting Methodology successfully used by some committee members to share perspective and reach consensus. May become the basis for our workshop
10/05/2006 Research Papers IPD, Steering, SAMR Allen and Tanner/ Cell Biology Education Infusing Active Learning into the Large-enrollment Class: Seven Strategies, from the Simple to Complex Aimed at college lecture-format classes; practical ideas that can be implemented to improve "look and listen" learning; excellent references.
10/2/2006 Publications MKTC, Steering Baine/ EESC Engineering Education Advocate #3 - free e-subscription available The Inside Scoop on Marketing Engineering Education
10/2/2006 Publications MKTC, Steering Baine/ EESC Engineering Education Advocate #2 - free e-subscription available The Inside Scoop on Marketing Engineering Education
10/2/2006 Publications MKTC, Steering Baine/ EESC Engineering Education Advocate #1 - free e-subscriptions available The Inside Scoop on Marketing Engineering Education
09/26/2006 Data Steering,SAMR College Board Intended Majors of College Bound Senior SAT takers 1996 to 2006 - xls or Oregon graph or National graph Biology, Engingeering, CS compiled by Dick Knight, comments by Jo Oshiro
09/21/2006 Articles Steering, IPD Brower, OIT/ Oregon Science Teacher, by permission STEM is Not Just a Four Individually Lettered Word Brower leads the PLTW charge in Oregon; here he pleads for more STEM interdisciplinary work and communication
09/21/2006 Publications SCC,IPD NSF (2000) Foundations, a monograph for professionals is science, mathematics, and technology education,Volume 2: Inquiry - Thoughts, Views, and Strategies for the K-5 Classroom. History of inquiry; discussion of NSES; comparison of hands-on techniques; process skills; structuring environment; assessment. 117 pages.
09/20/2006 Web Steering National Center for Education Statistics State Profiles, NAEP testing data for K12 keyword Data Frequently cited by Chalkboard and others
09/20/2006 Data Steering Saunders/ OUS Oregon's rank in Per Capita Higher Education Spending In 03-04, Oregon was 46th; printout of 1 powerpoint slide
09/20/2006 Data Steering National Center for Education Statistics States Ranked by Per Pupil Expenditures 2003-04, latest available (pdf or xls) Oregon is 31st, below both mean and median; compiled by Jo
09/18/2006 Working papers SCC, Steering, ACSW Schoelkopf/ODE Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006: an Orientation - keywords CTE, PTE Dated August 2006; Thanks to Jim Schoelkopf, ODE, who says new state Perkins plan will align with Workforce 2005; pdf of Powerpoint; 17 pg
09/18/2006 Web SCC, Steering, ACSW ODE ODE's webpage for Perkins Updates - keywords CTE, PTE To be updated periodically as ODE works on a new state Perkins plan.
09/18/2006 Working papers SCC, Steering, ACSW Natl. Assoc. State Directors of CTE Consortium Highlights of the 2006 Perkins Reauthorization - keywords CTE, PTE Thanks to Jim Schoelkopf, ODE, who says new state Perkins plan will align with Workforce 2005; 1 pg
09/18/2006 Staff papers Steering, MKTC Saunders, Knight, Dickey/ OUS The River Analogy, version 6.0 1 pg color pdf keywords visual aid PR piece: Changing the "pipeline" metaphor to a "harvesting the resource" metaphor
09/11/2006 Staff papers IPD, SAMR, Steering Oshiro/ OUS Notes for MESA Teacher Focus Group, June 20, 2006 Three teachers talk about why MESA works
09/06/2006 Data Steering, ACSW Keele/ OUS Fact Sheet - Where Have Oregon's Graduates Gone? Survey of the High School Class of 2005 Data, diagrams supporting press release "Study Finds the Majority of Oregon H. S. Grads Pursue College"
09/06/2006 Articles Steering, ACSW Keele/ OUS Study Finds the Majority of Oregon H. S. Grads Pursue College Press Release describes OUS 7th study in a biennial series of HS grads intentions and matriculations
09/06/2006 Articles Steering, SAMR Epstein/ Inside Higher Education So that's Why They're Leaving Students, especially those planning on grad school, game the system by taking easier classes - not math and science
08/24/2006 Staff papers Steering, SCC OPAS Inclusion of Engineering Concepts in Middle and High School Textbooks With some exceptions science textbooks have little or no coverage of engineering.
08/24/2006 Articles Steering, SCC, DIVR ACT High School Graduates Need Similar Math, Reading Skills Whether Entering College or Workforce Training Programs American College Testing Press Release May 8, 2006.
08/22/2006 Staff Papers SCC, Steering OPAS Model for Comparing Alternatives on School Science Graduation Requirements Developed as a resource for Board of Education consideration of changes to high school graduation requirements
08/22/2006 Web All Committees Ode Magazine Reading, Writing, and Playing the Sims What video games can teach educators about improving our schools
08/22/2006 Staff Papers SCC, Steering OPAS Scope, Process, and Expected Results of the ETIC Grant “Pre-Engineering and Applied Science Project” David Conley's EPIC grant proposal summarized by Jo Oshiro
08/22/2006 Web SCC TeachEngineering teachengineering.org K-12 curricula from various sources aligned to various standards
08/17/2006 Events Steer Bucciarelli/OPAS Why I Don't Want My Daughter to Become an Engineer transcription of speech by MIT prof, May 18 2006
08/16/2006 Publications SCC Conley/EPIC for AAU and The Pew Charitable Trusts Knowledge and Skills for University Success keywords College Knowledge, KSUS 82 pg pdf printout of report from "Standards for Success"
08/16/2006 Publications SCC Conley/Center for Educational Policy Research Standards and Challenge Audit of Tyrone Area High Schools keywords KSUS "identify degree to which curriculum ... is aligned with knowledge and skills needed for success in postsecondary..."; 217 page pdf printout
08/14/2006 Staff Papers Steering, SCC OPAS NSES Summary one page summary of the National Science Education Standards
08/14/2006 Publications Steering, SCC National Academy of Sciences National Science Education Standards large file (9.2 mb)
08/14/2006 Research Papers



ASEE Incorporation of Pre-Engineering Lessons into Secondary Science Classrooms New Jersey's Pre-Engingeering Instructional and Outreach Program (PrE-IOP); also Project Lead the Way (PLTW) info; 5 pg pdf
08/14/2006 Research Papers SCC ASEE How do the National Science Education Standards Support the Teaching of Engineering Principles and Design? "...identified sections where engineering and technology are not included but where we believe that they have a major role"; 5 pg pdf
08/11/2006 Web DIVR NWGCP The Northwest Girls Collaborative Project Resource Center NSF funded pilot now going national through NWREL
08/11/2006 Web DIVR PPAS Science,Gender and Afterschool Resources - keyword OST Aimed at after-school program directors, PPAS is Promising Practices in Afterschool.
08/11/2006 Web DIVR ACE Mentor Program Virtual Library of Resources about Engineering  
08/11/2006 Web DIVR Education Development Center Gender and Science Digital Library  
08/09/2006 Research Papers All Committees Lam, Srivatsan, Doverspike, Vesalo, Mawasha/ Journal of Stem Education Ten Year Assessment of the Pre-Engineering Program for Under-Represented, Low Income and/or First Generation College Students at The University of Akron Excellent paper, lots of data, cherry-picked students paid stipends, summer school. Changed curriculum to be more active learning.; 7 pg pdf
08/03/2006 Web MKTC DedicatedEngineers Engineers Dedicated to a Better Tomorrow keywords student-friendly representing the New Face of Engineering, fighting the geek stereotype
08/03/2006 Web SCC DedicatedEngineers Online Guide to Engineering Schools: A Few Notes Regarding US News and World Reports "America's Best Colleges" Rankings Good critique/explanation of the rating system
08/02/2006 Standards Steering, SCC Tucker/OPAS State Science Standards Review VA, SC, TX, Maryland, NJ, MA, NY, IN, CA
07/30/2006 Web ACSW OUS OUS Office of K-16 Alignment - keywords PASS, articulation Linking education systems to help students reach their full potential
07/30/2006 Articles ACCC PDC 4000 Students Expected at Northwest Youth Careers Expo ACCC interested in this type of event
07/19/2006 Staff Papers SCC, IPD Cone/ OPAS Inquiry-Based Learning - Web Material Summary of what inquiry-based learning is and available resources
07/13/2006 Research Papers SCC, Steering American Society for Engineering Education Infusing Engineering Concepts into Technology Education  
07/12/2006 Research Papers SCC, Steering McTighe, Jay & Seif, Elliot A Summary of Underlying Theory and Research for Understanding by Design  
07/11/2006 Working Papers Steering, SCC, ACSW OSBE High School Diploma Discussion SBE June 15 2006  
07/11/2006 Staff Papers ACCC, Steering OPAS ACCC ACCC Summit Proposal Cover Letter RevRIK2  
07/11/2006 Staff Papers Steering, All Committees OPAS Flow of Info Between Commitees  
07/11/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Education Goals  
07/11/2006 Staff Papers   OPAS OMSI/OPAS OCSN Proposal June 2006  
07/11/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Criteria for choosing between paradigms for improving K12 Curricula B  
07/11/2006 Staff Papers Steering, MKTC OPAS Stream 2.0 keywords visual aid PR 1 pg graphic pdf; replacing "pipeline" with "harvesting the resource"
07/10/2006 Working Papers Steering, SCC, ACSW   Oregon Diploma Template  
07/07/2006 Staff Papers ACCC, Steering OPAS ACCC ACCC Summit Proposal Cover Letter - see OMSI OCSN Proposal June 2006 below For submission to ETIC
06/30/2006 Publications SAMR, DIVR, ACCC Oregon Department of Education Closing the Achievement Gap 2005 Handouts  
06/30/2006 Publications SAMR, DIVR, ACCC Oregon Department of Education Closing the Achievement Gap 2005 Webprint  
06/30/2006 Staff Papers   OPAS OMSI OCSN Proposal June 2006 For submission to ETIC
06/29/2006 Staff Papers SCC, Steering, ACSW OPAS Summary of Admission Requirements for Incoming Freshman keyword college engineering several state, highly rated and high prestige programs
06/27/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Criteria for choosing between paradigms for improving K12 Curricula Rev A  
06/27/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS Paradigms For Curriculum Enhancement Rev E Academic Enhancement, Technical Enhancement, Redesign
06/26/2006 Publications MKTC IEEE IEEE Careers Memo  
06/26/2006 Publications MKTC IEEE IEEE Careers Poster  
06/26/2006 Publications SCC, ACCC Region 9 Education Service District STrut Mid Year Report  
06/23/2006 Articles SAMR, DIVR, SCC Wired La Vida Robot keywords underserved Latino  
06/23/2006 Articles SAMR, DIVR, SCC Daily Journal of Commerce MESA Day keyword PSU Math Engineering Science Achievement event
06/23/2006 Working Papers Steering, SCC, ACSW   Duncan Whitepaper 2 OSBE Graduation Requirements discussion
06/23/2006 Publications DIVR, SAMR American Council on Education Increasing the Success of Minority Students in Science and Technology  
06/22/2006 Articles SCC The Oregonian Oregon Students Show Little Progress On National Science Tests  
06/22/2006 Working Papers ACSW, SCC   Education System Alignment/General Education  
06/22/2006 Working Papers Steering, IPD   Teacher Education Initiative: Pathways for Highly Qualified Math and Science Teachers- May 2006  
06/22/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Policy Package 2007-2009 D  
06/21/2006 Articles SCC Gazette Times Board Narrows In On High School Grad Requirements  
06/21/2006 Articles SAMR, ACCC, SCC Daily Tidings ScienceWorks and SOU Launch Balloon Satellite  
06/21/2006 Publications Steer, SCC Education Week The Information Edge  
06/14/2006 Staff Papers DIVR, SAMR OPAS Help Editing Wiki  
06/08/2006 Articles SAMR The Oregonian Academic Achievers- The class of 2006's brightest stars Student profiles
06/06/2006 Staff Papers Steering, MKTC OPAS Stream 1.0 keywords visual aid PR 1 pg graphic pdf; replacing "pipeline" with "harvesting the resource"
06/05/2006 Staff Papers Steering, All Committees OPAS OPAS Vision Statement extracted from OPAS Strawman 6
06/05/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Strawman 6 - June 5, 2006 keyword latest Vision, Mission, Opportunity and Goals
06/05/2006 Standards Steering, SCC OPAS Summary of State Assesment and Content Panel for Science gleaned from Bill Becker, Steve Day
05/31/2006 Research Papers IPD OSU Investigating the Physics and Geology of the National Parks  
05/30/2006 Articles Steering, ACCC, IPD, SCC, SAMR, DIVR The Boston Globe Early Education Key to Scientific Career Choice - "Teenage (8th grade) career preferences are a more reliable indicator than mathematical aptitude ..." Survey of 3359 students
05/30/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Strawman 5.3 - May 30, 2006 Vision, Mission, Opportunity, Goals
05/24/2006 Articles SAMR, IPD, DIVR The Chronicle of Higher Education A Hothouse for Female Scientists Small liberal arts colleges excel
05/24/2006 Articles SAMR, IPD, DIVR The Chronicle of Higher Education A Hothouse for Female Scientists-Carleton College Small liberal arts colleges excel
05/16/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Strawman 5.2 - May 16, 2006 Vision, Mission, Opportunity, Goals
05/15/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS  OPAS Strawman 5.1 - May 15, 2006 Vision, Mission, Opportunity, Goals
05/15/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS Paradigms For Curriculum Enhancement C - May 15, 2006  
05/15/2006 Staff Papers Steering, MKTC OPAS River Analogy - May 15, 2006 1 pg graphic pdf; replacing "pipeline" with "harvesting the resource"
05/11/2006 Articles SAMR, SCC Democrat Herald Study: One in five drop out of college before sophomore year - data on entering college in 2004 Some Oregon students underprepared
05/11/2006 Articles IPD, Steering The Washington Post Half of Teachers Quit in 5 Years - May 9 2006 Poor Working Conditions, low salaries
05/10/2006 Articles SAMR, SCC IEEE Spectrum The Olin Experiment - new college engineering curriculum and delivery model; 2006  
05/08/2006 Data DIVR, MKTC OSU Momsen Stats on Female Students - keywords gender, ethnicity College of Engineering
05/08/2006 Data DIVR, MKTC OSU OSU College of Engineering Students by Gender and Ethnicity Winter 2006  
05/03/2006 Publications Steering, IPD, SCC Oregon State Board of Education Information Technology In Oregon Schools-March 2005  
05/01/2006 Publications ACSW, SCC Clackamas Community College Clackamas County Pre-Engineering Program at a Glance  
05/01/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Policy Package 2007-2009 C  
04/28/2006 Data SCC, Steering, IPD OUS IT Survey  
04/28/2006 Data SCC, Steering, IPD OUS ITAC Survey Cross Tabs  
04/28/2006 Publications MKTC, SCC, ACCC Society of Automotive Engineers Foundation A World In Motion  
04/28/2006 Publications SAMR OSU Student Evaluation of Engineering 111  
04/24/2006 Articles DIVR NY Times Boys Are No Match For Girls in Completing High School  
04/19/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Policy Package 2007-2009 A  
04/19/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Strawman 4.4  
04/19/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Strawman 4.5  
04/17/2006 Articles SAMR, IPD, SCC EE Times Awards for Aces In Education  
04/17/2006 Articles IPD, Steering, SCC EE Times Seeding New Crops of Innovators  
04/14/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS ETIC ETIC Pre-Engineering Applied Science RFP Allocation Recommendations  
04/14/2006 Staff Papers ACSW, Steering, SCC UO EPIC EPIC Proposal  
04/10/2006 Research Papers Steering The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education Improving College Readiness & Success  
04/10/2006 Staff Papers IPD OPAS OMEC Measures of Success  
04/06/2006 Publications IPD MESA/PSU SCI 510 MESA Inquiry Learning Project-Course Description  
04/06/2006 Publications IPD MESA/PSU Summer Training 2005-Portland State University Campus  
04/06/2006 Publications IPD Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics Information  
04/06/2006 Publications IPD OSU Summer Tuition Stipend Support  
04/06/2006 Publications IPD, ACCC ORTOP SuperQuest 2006 Registration Form  
04/06/2006 Publications IPD, ACCC ORTOP SuperQuest 2006 Class Descriptions  
04/06/2006 Research Papers SCC, Steering, IPD Framing Student Success FSS-Teacher Resources  
04/04/2006 Staff Papers ACCC OPAS K12 Opportunities for Discussion  
03/24/2006 Publications ACCC Business Education Compact BEC Co-curricular Data  
03/23/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Strategy C  
03/22/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Strawman 3.0  
03/20/2006 Research Papers DIVR, SAMR, Steering Flick, Lawrence -OSU Student Views on Technical Careers and the Role of Academics  
03/17/2006 Staff Papers Steering, ACSW, SCC OPAS Summary of NSF Shaping The Future  
03/06/2006 Research Papers DIVR WOU Coping Strategies for Women in Computer Science  
03/01/2006 Working Papers ACSW   Joint Boards Articulation Commission: 2005-2006 Work plan- 1/12/2006  
03/01/2006 Publications ACSW, DIVR, SAMR Oregon State Board of Higher Education Briefing on Excellence in Delivery & Productivity Working Group-2-28-2005  
03/01/2006 Publications SCC, SAMR, Steering Oregon Department of Education Senate Bill 300 at a glance  
03/01/2006 Publications Steering Oregon Legislative Assembly Senate Bill 342 Final  
03/01/2006 Publications Steering Oregon State Board of Education SBE Logic Model  
03/01/2006 Staff Papers Steering, SCC OPAS K12 Preparation Triangle 1  
03/01/2006 Staff Papers Steering, SCC OPAS K12 Preparation Triangle 2  
03/01/2006 Staff Papers Steering, SCC OPAS K12 Preparation Triangle3  
03/01/2006 Staff Papers Steering, SCC OPAS K12 Preparation Triangle 4  
03/01/2006 Standards Steering, SCC ITEA Checklist for Analyzing Standards-based Curriculum   
02/27/2006 Standards SCC, Steering ITEA Executive Summary: Standards For Technological Literacy  
02/27/2006 Standards SCC ITEA Standards For Technological Literacy  
02/27/2006 Standards Steering, SCC OPAS Summary of Project 2061: Nature of Technology  
02/23/2006 Working Papers MKTC, Steering ETIC ETIC Communications and Outreach Plan 2006 CS Taskforce
02/23/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS Modes of Change Implementation Bruce's graphic of how and where to effect change
02/23/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS Printable Computer Science Task Force  
02/23/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS Printable ETIC Review  
02/23/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS Printable Subcommittees  
02/22/2006 Working Papers MKTC, Steering ETIC Computer Science Task Force pdf of Powerpoint description of communication plan
02/22/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS ETIC ETIC RFP Review  
02/22/2006 Staff Papers Steering, All Committees OPAS OPAS Subcommittees  
02/07/2006 Staff Papers Steering, All Committees OPAS Proposal Summary Table of proposals submitted to ETIC
02/02/2006 Staff Papers SAMR OPAS NSF STEP Proposal  
02/02/2006 Staff Papers Steering OPAS OPAS Table of Recommendations Steering Summit summary recommendations as table
02/01/2006 Publications ACSW, CPTH Jenkins/ NGA (National Governor's Association) Pathway to Advancement Creating Pathway Maps (excerpt) NGA Website download


For questions or information regarding these documents, please email Jo Oshiro or call (503) 725.2910.